Komatsu new D155CX-8 pipelayer: for who want stability and performance

    For customers in the energy sector looking for stability and performance from their pipelaying equipment, Komatsu is excited to debut its D155CX-8 pipelayer. The D155CX-8 was developed and designed in conjunction with pipeline companies.

    The Tier 4 D155CX-8 has a 170,000-pound-rated lift capacity and an oval track undercarriage that was designed for stability. It’s front/rear and left/right weight distribution provides maneuverability and stability. With long 12’10” (3925 mm) track on the ground, the D155CX-8 improves stability for pipeline work, especially when working on adverse grades.

    Featuring a Rops cab with automatic climate control, large cab windows, a skylight viewing area, and both front and rearview cameras for operator safety and comfort, the optional features of the D155CX-8 include load moment indicator and an additional right-side counterweight-mounted camera. Simple breakdown makes the D155CX-8 easy to transport.

    Komatsu D155CX-8 pipelayer. Source: Komatsu

    The machine will be released commercially later this year. Komatsu has designated the energy market as an important area of growth to meet the needs of its ever-growing customer base.

    The D155CX-8 joins at the booth another Komatsu machine built for the vital North American energy market: the D155PX-8. With a wider gauge and longer track on the ground than the standard model, the purpose-built low ground pressure D155PX-8 excels in soft underfoot conditions and pipeline work.​The Komatsu-designed and built manual angle power tilt (MAPT) blade makes the D155PX-8 ideal for pipeline work.​ Semi-U blades are also available for general construction, tailings pond, and reclamation work.​ 

    Source: Komatsu America Corp

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