About us

Heavy Quip Magazine is a one-stop shop for all modern construction ad heavy equipment in general.

The dedicated monthly newsletter provides comprehensive coverage on the biggest machinery topics in farming while offering informative and in-depth features that engage and educate operators and owners. The simple, easy-to-read design of HQM is crammed with undiluted machinery reports picked fresh from the field to appeal to every reader in the wide construction, mining and farming audience.

Heavy Quip Magazine is the smart choice for every switched-on owner and operator.

First drives of brand-new machines sit alongside multi-machine tests pitching the closest rivals at the hands of operators who spend their working lives at the controls of the latest equipment. Looking to job stories? We help you to make every decision easier, whether looking to buy new or used.

Heavy Quip Magazine is the International magazine for heavy-duty equipment and machinery
as insiders in Construction, heavy-duty equipment, agricultural machinery, attachments and implements.

Boasting User Experience

With over 10 years of digital experience gained, HQM is full of technological features to enhance the readership action: AMP, Mobile first development, fully integrated social media and great readability.