New applications have been added to Volvo CE’s Load Assist system

Five new applications have been added to Volvo CE’s Load Assist system, which is now also available on a wider range of the company’s wheel loaders – from L60H to L350H.

Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Europe

Volvo Construction Equipment’s (Volvo CE) Load Assist is the umbrella term for a series of machine control applications that are designed specifically for Volvo CE wheel loaders. These ‘apps’ operate via Volvo Co-Pilot – the award-winning in-cab interface with a 10-inch high-resolution touch screen. The Load Assist system was first introduced in 2016, initially featuring the On-Board Weighing app. In 2019, Load Assist was extended to include Operator Coaching, an industry-leading tool that enhances operator performance by providing guidance on how to operate in an effective manner. And in 2020 it now features even more apps. On top of this, Load Assist is now compatible with a wider range of Volvo CE wheel loaders – from the L60H through to the L350H.

The five new apps are aimed at enhancing the ease of operation, safety and overall site efficiency. Tasks that had to be done manually or required operators to step out of the cab can now be automated from the comfort of the cab. The five new apps are as follows:

Tire pressure monitoring system app

Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Europe
The Volvo Co-Pilot touchscreen will now display tire pressure and temperature in real-time. Operating in the correct tire-pressure parameter is essential for superior safety, fuel-efficiency and uptime. Each tire is monitored independently and pressure limits (low/high) are set per axle. If any of the individual tires gets outside the set parameters the operator will be alerted – alarm limits are displayed as nominal values and percentages. A blue message lets the operator know there are inconsistencies in pressure or temperature and that the situation should be monitored. An amber message indicates that these inconsistencies have worsened and the operator must take action.
All this data can be made available on CareTrack, so site managers can review and analyze historical tire trends that can help inform tire parameters in similar site conditions.

Map app

Maps do so much more than helping you get to your destination. The Map app uses the loader’s built-in GPS for positioning and telecom connection on Volvo Co-Pilot to communicate between machines. The new Map feature allows operators to monitor the on-site traffic in real-time and proactively adjust their driving according to traffic conditions, especially in areas where multiple machines are operating close to each other.

Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Europe

Knowing the position of other machines is also helpful from a safety perspective especially when working on job sites with restricted visibility. Roads, points of interest, restricted areas and single lane sections will be displayed to help operators navigate around the site with ease. Speed limit notifications are a further reminder to help operators avoid potentially dangerous situations. Efficiency is also improved by this Map feature, as operators can better anticipate driving decisions by monitoring traffic and work cycle flow.

The last three apps can be grouped together as Toolbox Applications. Just as you would expect on your smartphone or tablet, Volvo Co-Pilot comes with pre-installed apps designed to make the operator’s life easier.

Calculator app

Complete basic calculation with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functions. The calculator can also be used as a unit converter, quickly and easily converting six-unit types – length, mass, angle, time, temperature and speed.

Notes app

There’s no need for a pad and pen with a digital notepad, which can be used to write and save notes while in the cab.

Weather app

Being prepared for changes in the weather helps you plan ahead. Illustrated by an easy-to-understand timeline, The Weather app informs you of current and upcoming climatic conditions. With the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, you can adapt more efficiently and keep operations on track – rain or shine.

Volvo CE load assist
Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Europe

Even more to look out for

Volvo CE Load Assist
Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Europe

Several other existing features have also been upgraded. When the Radar Detect System is ordered, it is now integrated into the Volvo Co-Pilot. This allows operators to benefit from the rearview camera and load information, all displayed on a single screen for increased convenience and safety when reversing.

Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Europe

The final update is the addition of two new Task modes on the On-Board Weighing app. Operators can now choose from Trip Meter, Truck Loading, Stockpiling or Processing mode. Each mode will adapt the Volvo Co-Pilot screen layout and provide relevant information for the operator to be efficient in the different applications.

These extensive updates to Volvo CE’s Load Assist on-board information system will help customers get the best out of Volvo Wheel Loaders and their operators.

Apps availability:

LOAD ASSIST On-Board Weighing app Operator Coaching app Tire Pressure Monitoring System app Map app Calculator, Notes, Weather apps Integrated Radar Detect System
L60H  X  X  X  X
L70H  X  X  X  X
L90H  X  X  X  X
L110H  X  X  X  X  X  X
L120H  X  X  X  X  X  X
L150H  X  X  X  X  X  X
L180H  X  X  X  X  X  X
L180H High-lift
L220H  X  X  X  X  X  X
L260H  X  X  X  X  X  X
L350H  X  X  X  X  X  X


Source: Volvo Construction Equipment Europe

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