Antonio Carraro gives more power with Yanmar engines

    At Antonio Carraro the widening of the range of Stage V engines from the Japanese company Yanmar continues.

    TRX 5800 with Stage V engines from the Japanese company Yanmar. Source: Antonio Carraro

    New Yanmar engines Stage V

    After the models denoted with the number 7800, it is the turn of the 5800s and the new 6800s. The 5800 models will be equipped with the 4TNV86CT engine, turbocharger, with a maximum power of 51 HP; the 6800 models will be fitted with a 4TNV86CHT engine, turbo-intercooler, with maximum power of 66 HP.  Both engines have 4 cylinders and a capacity of 2.1 litres, as well as higher power and torque values compared with previous Stage III A* versions but with lower engine revolutions, thus guaranteeing lower noise levels and less fuel consumption.

    Also these engines will be fitted with, in addition to the anti-particulate filter and Common Rail injection system, an EGR cooling valve, for the recycling of exhaust gas along with a completely electronic management system for the control of the regeneration process, to be carried out in three phases:

    “assist”:  the anti-particulate filter regenerates autonomously making the most of performance during the work phase.

    “reset”: the anti-particulate filter regenerates thanks to post injection.

    “stationary: this intervenes when the previous two measures are not sufficient, only in emergency situations and not under standard working conditions.

    AC & Yanmar

    Yanmar technology allows the “stationary” phase to be forced in order to better manage possible tractor stoppages. All of this provides the anti-particulate filter a guaranteed lifespan of 9,000 hours with just one intermediate cleaning intervention at 6,000 hours. The performance of these engines is the optimal result from a winning collaboration between Yanmar Engineering and the R&D staff at Antonio Carraro.

    Source: Antonio Carraro

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