The new surface miner Wirtgen 220 SM / 220 SMi excels in the extraction and routing of raw materials

    With the introduction of the 220 surface miner, Wirtgen is unveiling a new machine designed especially for use in small and medium-sized mining operations as well as for routing work and infrastructure projects.

    The 220 SM/220 SMi surface miner. Source: Wirtgen

    Selective Extraction of Raw Materials

    With a cutting width of 2.2 m and a cutting depth of up to 300 mm, the 220 SM/ 220 SMi can extract raw materials up to a uniaxial compressive strength of 50 MPa. The extracted material is deposited behind the machine in a windrow and then loaded onto trucks with wheel loaders. Selective extraction makes it possible to mine raw materials with a high level of purity. The use of surface miners also reduces the amount of equipment, maintenance, and time required compared to drilling and blasting or rip-and-stack mining. In addition, refraining from drilling and blasting makes it possible to efficiently mine materials close to industrial sites and other infrastructure like pipelines or high-voltage power lines, which ultimately results in the optimized exploitation of the deposit.

    Thanks to its compact dimensions and smooth, hydraulic, all-track steering, the smallest Wirtgen surface miner has a tight turning radius, which is particularly beneficial in small mining fields.

    Routing Operations and Infrastructure Projects

    The 220 SM/220 SMi can also be used for routing work and infrastructure projects. Where excavators or other machinery reach their performance limits, the 708 kW powerhouse can cut even the hardest rock, reduce it to the desired maximum grain size, and create stable and even surfaces with extreme precision. The excellent maneuverability of the 220 SM/ 220 SMi also makes it ideal for routing narrow sections such as ramps.

    When mining gypsum in the United States, the new Wirtgen 220 SM/220 SMi surface miner impresses with its cutting performance and low operating costs. Source: Wirtgen

    Highly Productive Cutting Drum Unit

    The heart of the 220 SM/220 SMi is the optimized cutting drum unit. Specially designed for challenging windrow applications, the cutting drum turns the power delivered by the engine into maximum cutting power, and as a result, increased productivity. In this process, the high, narrow sides of the holder base ensure that material flows smoothly and energy consumption is kept to a minimum. This results in reduced wear and tear on the housing, holders, point-attack cutting tools, and scraper blade – even when mining hard, abrasive materialAll of the 220 SM/220 SMi’s components are designed for extremely demanding open-cast mining applications. This also applies to the massive track units with strong dual-bar base plates for excellent advance, even in difficult conditions.

    Level Pro Plus Leveling System

    The Level Pro Plus leveling system has a proven track record in road construction and mining and is intuitive and easy to operate. A flat or inclined formation level can be created with absolute precision thanks to side plate scanning and the cross-slope sensor. The machine is also ready to be equipped with GPS or laser control.

    Effective Safety Concept

    The safety of operating and maintenance personnel is the highest priority in open-cast mining. In the ROPS/FOPS operator’s cabin, the operator is protected from external hazards. The cutting drum is easily and safely accessible from the rear through the scraper blade, which opens hydraulically. Pick changes are only carried out when the engine is off. Plenty of space to move, a hydraulic pick ejector, and a milling drum rotation device further simplify this process. Unintentionally switching on the miner can be prevented mechanically by locking the battery and starter isolator, which allows maintenance work to be carried out safely when the machine is shut down. The rear view camera offers excellent visibility for fast, safe maneuvering. When reversing, Reverse Assist offers the operator added support.

    In open pit mining, nothing is more important than the reliable availability of the machine. This is no problem for the 220 SM/220 SMi from Wirtgen, which achieves high daily outputs in soft and hard rock. Source: Wirtgen

    Source. Wirtgen

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