Anedo, technological and anti-waste farming solutions

    Anedo GmbH from Eydelstedt is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe for electronic systems in agricultural engineering. The company’s intelligent control and operating devices in agricultural machinery ensure that work is carried out with the highest precision and low use of materials.

    The attached machine can spread the most precise fertilizer using the control unit and the joystick in the cab. The technology for this comes from Anedo from Eydelstedt. Source: Anedo

    The days of manual and tiring farming are over. In this sector too, technology is the door to the future. Anedo GmbH is company builds electronics for agricultural machinery manufacturers. The electronic control and operating devices, usually consisting of a small touchscreen with buttons on the side, are now part of the interior of a modern tractor. The driver can use it to access the attached machines, for example, and regulate how much fertilizer or manure is currently being spread on the field.

    Anedo managing director Fredo Harms. Source: Anedo

    “In combination with GPS, data can also be recorded and automatically transferred to the cloud or a farm management and information system,”

    explains Anedo managing director Fredo Harms. Harms is an engineer specialising in mechanical and industrial engineering with commercial knowledge, and has been actively employed in agricultural mechanics at the company’s service for 10 years. In the words of an expert in the field, Harms guarantees the quality of Anedo products, based in particular on the possibilities offered by the so-called Isobussurrender.

    A fully developed ISOBUS system uses a number of devices that all function as small computers, such as the universal terminal, activity controller and auxiliaries. The work computer, also known as the implement ECU (electronic control unit), is usually placed on the attachment. It is a work computer located on the tractor or transport vehicle. Provides information such as driving speed, PTO speed, etc. The virtual terminal represents the human machine interface (HMI). It is a display and control device. The requirements for VT are a resolution. The display can be either black and white or colour. Source: Anedo

    Adeco invests heavily in research and training by collaborating with the University of Bremen or the University of Osnabrück.

    “One topic that will soon become even more important is connectivity. More and more machines are becoming smart. If something is defective, service personnel, for example, can call up directly via ‘Diagnostic Remote’. Or it doesn’t get that far, because the devices continuously transmit their status so that preventive maintenance can be taken early, ”

    explains the managing director.

    Insights into the production of Anedo at the company headquarters in the Hülsmeyer-Park in Eydelstedt in the district of Diepholz: With a few exceptions, Anedo manufactures all of its products itself. Source: Anedo

    Anedo started a collaboration with two other companies before Agritechnica last autumn in order to make progress on the topic of semi-autonomous driving, each collaborating according to the specificity of their sector. The partner Lacos, for example, specializes in the handling of geodata and its mathematical algorithms, and the Reichardt company has special expertise when it comes to fully automatic steering systems that also intervene in the hydraulic steering of a tractor. Together, a system was developed with which older tractors can also be retrofitted with semi-autonomous driving, which has been practiced in agriculture for some time.

    The production is based on lean principles and is ISO 9001 certified. Source: Anedo

    About us

    Anedo is a leading provider of holistic system solutions for the control and operation of agricultural and construction machinery, founded in 1997.
    The company’s customers include manufacturers of agricultural machinery, primarily from Europe. These include large companies such as Bernard Krone Holding from the Emsland, the agricultural machinery manufacturer Lemken but also the French Kuhn Group or the Austrian Pöttinger Landtechnik GmbH as well as numerous other companies.

    It is thanks to the managing director that Anedo has its headquarters in northwestern Germany, because the company was founded in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, where the company was able to move into the then empty Hülsmeyer barracks. Anedo has been producing here since 2008.