Zoomlion into the European market. It’s time of Slovenia

    Days ago, tower cranes in aurora green were found in a development located in beautiful Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. The appearance of aurora green, a sign for Zoomlion, means that Zoomlion tower cranes have officially entered the Slovene market, which also signifies that Zoomlion has made a new breakthrough in introducing its tower cranes into the European market.

    Local Staff Are Assembling a Zoomlion Tower Crane on a Project Site in Slovenia. Source: Zoomlion

    In recent years, the European tower crane market has been booming and Zoomlion could not miss this opportunity. Through unremitting efforts, Zoomlion has established a relationship of cooperation with the Slovenia’s biggest lessor of tower cranes, hence its tower cranes formally entering the local market.

    To better position itself on the European market for high-end tower cranes,  Zoomlion built the CIFA European platform in 2019 for the development of its tower crane business in the EU region.

    It is thanks to the collaboration with the CIFA company that Zoomlion has been so successful in Europe. The agreement for the procurement of the Slovenian site, which was underway during the global pandemic boom, included the delivery of tower cranes T7020-12H.

    Zoomlion T7020-12H Tower Cranes Are Departing for Its Debut in Slovenia. The product with a maximum hoisting load of 12 t and a maximum arm end hoisting load of 2 t completely meets the requirements of hoisting steel bars and prefabricated blocks used in the construction of residential buildings. Source: Zoomlion

    These are T7020-12H tower crane with the one-piece tenon type standard joint of strong stability needs fewer routine checks and maintenance operations, hence reducing labor costs. Manufactured by adopting Germany’s JOST flat-head technology and three major mechanisms for full frequency conversion, the T7020-12H tower crane,star product of Zoomlion, features high operation stability, small impact and high reliability.

    “For this, we launched a delivery campaign ‘against time’. The T7020-12H tower cranes were to be delivered from Italy, but a total lockdown in Italy had been issued. Nevertheless, the Zoomlion’s CIFA European team worked together, actively coordinated the work of relative parties, and finally had the permit for the shipment of T7020-12H tower cranes issued,”

    said Li Zongshan from Zoomlion Construction Hoisting Machinery Company (Europe).

    The company was confident of the success that the T7020-12H tower crane would have in Slovenia: it had been used satisfactorily in Israel for about three years, which helped to strengthen customer confidence in this product. In the end, Zoomlion fitted in perfectly with the tight delivery times but also with the safety standards for pandemic control. As Andrea, a regional manager responsible for Zoomlion’s European CIFA tower crane business, guarantees, the transhipment and on-site installation personnel were under strict control, and were protected with appropriate protective materials and required to keep a safe distance from each other.

    Zoomlion T7020-12H tower cranes, used in this project, are the first exports from Zoomlion to Slovenia.

    Source: Zoomlion