Benefits of downsizing: Bucher Hydraulics, new QXEHX internal gear pump

    Reducing the drive torques by increasing the speed in the drive train for greater economy and higher energy efficiency. The optimized design of the internal gear units has enabled noise levels and size to be reduced, thus increasing operational safety and productivity. Applications that particularly benefit are those using highly dynamic open circuits, such as injection molding and die casting machines as well as metal forming presses.

    Pressure die casting machines place great demands on the hydraulic components that are used, for example, to accurately move punches and slides in the moulds. Servo drives are normally used to individually adjust the flow rate to the load cycle. Thanks to the higher maximum speeds of the QXEHX internal gear pumps from Bucher Hydraulics, pumps with smaller displacements can now be specified. Source: Bucher Hydraulics

    The goals

    – to make the powertrain more cost- and energy-efficient.
    – reduce the total cost of ownership.

    Aspiration to downsize and downsizing the technical parameters while maintaining the same performance allows for significant cost and energy savings. In the drive train, the pump, motor and inverter are interdependent, which means that modifications to the pump have a direct influence on the other components. If the pump has a wider speed range, users can use smaller electric components such as motors and inverters.

    As well as being correctly and professionally installed, the pump must be run-in with special and defined operating cycles. This is essential for ensuring that the machine will function properly. The newly developed QXEHX series of pumps from Bucher Hydraulics helps to reduce drive torques by offering increased speeds in the power train.The strong suits are:

    • Downsizing possible thanks to ~20% higher maximum speeds
    • Noise level reduced by 3 dB(A)
    • Extended range of displacements in all frame sizes

    Reducing the noise levels

    The specialists from Bucher Hydraulics have completely reworked the concept of the internal gear pump and developed the new QXEHX series with a focus on customer  benefits. The innovative solution meets users’ needs to downsize the power train in order to reduce the total cost of ownership. The new pump offers around 20 percent higher maximum speeds compared with the QXEH, thanks to a redesign of the suction and pressure galleries inside the pump body, among other changes. This results in optimized flow patterns and a significant reduction in pressure losses. This optimization, coupled with the proven special gear profile, reduces the noise level of the QXEHX by 3 dB(A). The quiet operation saves the work and costs of implementing sound-insulation measures in the application.

    More displacement in a smaller size

    Bucher Hydraulics offers the new internal gear pump in frame sizes with overlapping displacements, so that the ideal pump size can be selected for individual requirements. For example, a displacement of 40 cm³/rev was previously only available in frame size 5, but users can now also choose the size 4 version, with approx. 30 percent less weight. This reduces the installation space needed for the pump and lowers costs.

    The QXEHX is currently available in sizes 4 and 5 with displacements of 20 to 80 cm³/rev. The internal gear pump is designed for applications with a highly dynamic open circuit, such as injection molding and die casting machines as well as metal forming presses and hydraulic power units in general.

    Typical design with symmetrically arranged crescent

    The main feature of the non-compensated QXEHX is its smooth pressure build-up along the crescent, thanks to a very long pressure build-up region. The pinion-shaft technology with free-running gears in precisely manufactured chambers, as well as the completely symmetrical suction and pressure zones, are the foundations of its low noise levels. Source: Bucher Hydraulics

    With the QXEHX, Bucher Hydraulics is expanding its proven series of QX internal gear units, which have been impressing users for years thanks to their non-compensated design. A typical feature is the very long pressure build-up region over the entire symmetrically arranged crescent, which also makes the new QXEHX a very reliable pump.

    The new QXEHX series of internal gear pumps from Bucher Hydraulics offers winning features such as reduced operating noise, 20 percent higher speeds and a long service life. This facilitates downsizing the power train and using smaller servo- or reluctance-motors and inverters, again saving costs and energy. Source: Bucher Hydraulics

    Source: Bucher Hydraulics