New Collaboration Between Maz and Tatra Truck

Czech delegation from Tatra Trucks Company visited Minsk Automobile Plant July, 14. Tatra Trucks company is famous around the world. This year Czech truck’s manufacturer celebrated its 170th anniversary. Tatra Trucks’ passenger and special vehicles, trucks and cars gained recognition at every continent.

A long-time common history has been connecting Minsk automobile plant and Tatra Trucks Company. Today both plants can make new steps in mutual cooperation developing.

Courtesy of: Maz

Czech delegation headed by Peter Rusek, Tatra Truck’s Supervisory Board Chairman, visited Maz vehicles exhibition. The latest models of Maz vehicles were presented here. Much attention was paid to full-drive vehicles during the exhibition. Milan Yurek, Excalibur International a.s.Company Strategical Development Director, and Vladimir Ermakov, Representative of the Russian-Czech Mixed Chamber of Commerce, participated in the talks. Later, during the talks, the sides discussed a mutual cooperation questions, which include possibilities of productional capacities uniting and generic product  – a full-drive chassis – creating.

Courtesy of: Maz

The sides expressed mutual interest in cooperative use of commodity distribution networks of both plants for as its own, so a generic production promotion on the world’s markets, taking in consideration a longstanding cooperation and operational experience of both large automotive manufacturers.

Courtesy of: Maz

A Memorandum of both sides cooperation was signed at the end of negotiations and working groups for cooperative issues detailed elaboration were created.


Source: Maz