The Manufacturing of Liebherr’s HLC 150000–3000 Reached a Key Milestone

    Inside the large industry halls of the Liebherr manufacturing site in Rostock, a noteworthy wedding took place for the new Heavy Lift Crane (HLC) 150000-3000, which marked the latest key milestone in its construction. The mechanical connection between the lower slewing column and the machinery frame was successfully realized to create the lower slewing unit of the HLC.

    Liebherr Heavy Lift Crane 150000-3000 is ready for a wide range of applications and a key feature of OHT’s Alfa Lift. Source: Liebherr

    The Heavy-Lift Crane series (HLC) by Liebherr is specially designed for the installation of offshore wind foundations and sub-stations as well as the installation and decommissioning of offshore platforms. In June 2018, LiebherrMCCtec Rostock GmbH and the Oslo-based company OHT agreed the contract for the Heavy Lift Crane 150000-3000 for Alfa Lift, the worlds’ largest and most innovative, custombuilt offshore wind foundation installation vessel. With a maximum lifting capacity of 3,000 tonnes at 30 metres and 1,000 tonnes at 76 metres outreach, the HLC 150000-3000 is ready for a wide range of applications and a key feature of OHT’s Alfa Lift. The Norwegian contractor’s new build vessel, of Ulstein Design, is currently under construction in China, due for delivery next year.

    The „wedding ceremony“: The lifting of the machinery frame weighing around 180 tonnes into the lower slewing column, weighing about 500 tonnes, is an important milestone. Source: Liebherr

    During the manufacturing of the HLC 150000-3000, the so-called “wedding”, lowering the machinery frame into the lower slewing column, is an important milestone for a crane of this size, establishing the foundation for further processes. The machinery frame is the heart of the Liebherr heavy lift cranes, containing electric motors, the hydraulic pumps and the main switchboards.

    Close partnership is key for success

    The HLC 150000-3000 was realized in close collaboration between OHT and Liebherr. Daniel Poll, Sales Director of Ship and Offshore Cranes at Liebherr Rostock, emphasises the Manufacturing of Liebherr Heavy Lift Crane 150000-3000 reaches key milestone 2 importance of the collaboration:

    “Both Liebherr and OHT have great confidence in this close partnership, which is the foundation for the multifunctionality of the HLC 150000-3000. An advantage that can be important in this competitive international market.”

    Crane in production: Just 14 metres is the radius of the slewing unit of the HLC 150000-3000. Source: Liebherr

    Torgeir E. Ramstad, CEO of OHT, outlines the importance of a holistic approach:

    “Working in an open and collaborative manner with Liebherr has become an essential element in the development process of Alfa Lift and her onboard equipment. Making sure the operational criteria and limitations of the crane are viewed with a holistic approach, taking into account the vessel’s motion characteristics and capabilities of other mission equipment onboard, is key. Working alongside key suppliers who understand these requirements makes a huge difference in ensuring ultimate success.”

    Artist’s rendition of Alfa Lift carrying 10 XXL monopiles and transition pieces. Source: Ulstein.

    The manufacturing processes are now in the final phase at the Liebherr site in Rostock. The wedding of the machinery frame and the lower slewing column is the latest milestone of many in recent months and will be followed by the electrical and hydraulic connection of the two components as well as further completion activities on the crane. As soon as these activities are finalised, the next milestone will take place: the connection between the upper and the lower slewing unit, another highlight of the manufacturing of the crane.

    Source: Liebherr

    Chiara De Paoli
    Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media