In the Middle of Nature a Liebherr Crane Hoists a Grand Piano for the Muse Project

    ESB Kranverleih Transport und Hebetechnik GmbH received an order for a very unusual job in spring 2020 – a valuable grand piano had to be hoisted into a cleared section of forest near Erolzheim in southern Germany and set up there to be played.
    The order was placed by Andreas Reiner, a German photographer and artist, known by the name Sichtlich Mensch. He was producing the “Muse” project in this clearing – a short film about humanity and vulnerability.

    The piano in a scene of the film. Source: Liebherr.

    Mittelbiberach-based company ESB Kranverleih and Managing Director Karl Engeser had never come across a project quite like it.

    “It was quite exciting to be part of a such an unusual project. After we received the enquiry, we first of all took a look at the location”,he says.

    The section of forest had been cleared after suffering storm damage. Engeser thinks back:

    “We looked for a suitable access route and a place which had the required stability to set up the crane.”

    ESB finally managed to set up an LTM 1050-3.1 close to the clearing. The 50 tonne crane then hoisted the 400 kilogram grand piano into the required location from a distance of 25 metres.

    The placement of the piano with LTM 1050-3.1 . Source: Liebherr

    In perfect weather conditions, a very special, moving mood was developed in this “injured”
    section of forest – volunteers gathered around the piano, stripping naked to express the vulnerability of humanity. Well-known German pianist Dirk Maassen played a range of sensitive, dreamlike music and created a unique atmosphere. The resultant film can be viewed online free of charge.

    LTM 1050-3.1 during the recording. Source: Liebherr

    Source: Liebherr

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