[Job Story]The Danish HM-Entreprenør Orders 12 Liebherr Crawler Excavators

    The Danish company HM-Entreprenør is based just 1.5 km from the headquarters of the JMM Group, Liebherr’s Danish distributor. In 2017, HM-Entreprenør ordered 12 machines from Generation 6. Following the Bauma construction industry trade fair in 2019 in Munich, the company acquired 12 new Liebherr crawler excavators to replace Generation 6 excavators, and in early 2021 more excavators will be delivered.

    One of HM-Entreprenør’s R 945 in Horsens, where the construction company and distributor Liebherr Johs. Møllers Machines is based.

    HM-Entreprenør is convinced more than ever by the quality and performance of Liebherr’s machines. Company manager Leif Ejlertzen needs to replace machines and “this time it will be Liebherr”. The company currently operates nine R 926s, three R 945s, to be joined by two new R 914 Compacts in early 2021.

    The machines are from Generation 8 of crawler excavators, presented at Bauma 2019 in Munich. It was there that Leif Rudebeck Petersen of the JMM Group and Michael Mortensen of HM-Entreprenør closed the deal. The proximity of the two companies is very convenient for the delivery, but this was not the only criterion taken into account in the decision: service, quality, and the competent people also played major roles. Johs. Møllers Machines A/S has over 75 years of experience and now covers all of the Danish market.

    The performance of Generation 8 excavators

    Leif Ejlertzen, the coordinator of the construction company, is impressed by the performance of the latest generation of excavators. He was pleasantly surprised by the Generation 6 excavators in 2017, but the improvements made mean the performance of the Generation 8 machines is “even more impressive”. Liebherr excavators will be used in the Danish company’s biggest project: the construction of a 240,000 m² logistics center. Large quantities of the earth must be shifted in this project, so the power of the Generation 8 excavators is a great asset for this site. Machine reliability is also important because every machine stoppage represents a huge cost to the business.

    The company is impressed by the quality and performance of Liebherr’s machines.

    “The best service”

    The Danish company works with the local dealer Johs. Møllers Machines. HM-Entreprenør has a full-service contract for all of its machines. Leif Ejlertzen is familiar with the level of service of the competitors, and according to him “none of them compares to the JMM Group”. The Service is very important, the machines are all operating at the same time, so the company needs to be sure that no problems will slow down the project. In addition, maintenance is easier and safer on the new Generation 8 models. All service points are accessible from ground level. Engine oil, hydraulic oil, fuel, and urea levels can be monitored on the instrument panel display.

    Leif Ejlertzen, coordinator of HM-Entreprenør, talks to Ruben Hom Andersen, operator of one of three Liebherr R 945s.

    About HM-Entreprenør

    The management of this company, founded in 1971 by Henning Mathiassen, was taken over in 2008 by Michael Mortensen. The know-how and traditions have remained intact, only the fleet and the number of employees have continued to grow.

    About Johs. Møllers Machines

    Johs. Møllers Machines A/S is part of the JMM A/S Group. The distributor has over 75 years of experience and today covers the entire Danish market. Johs. Møllers Machines covers sales and services of construction machinery, cranes, and material handling.

    About the Liebherr Group

    The Liebherr Group is a family-owned engineering company manufacturing a wide range of products. The company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction machinery and also offers high-quality, value-added products and services in many other areas. The Group now comprises more than 140 companies spread over all continents, it employs more than 48,000 people and in 2019 generated total consolidated sales of more than EUR 11.7 billion. Since it was founded in 1949 in Kirchdorf-an-der-Iller in southern Germany, Liebherr has pursued its goal: to win over its customers with exceptional solutions and to contribute to technological progress.

    Chiara De Paoli
    Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media