[Job Story] Three Potain Cranes Keeps Warsaw Residential Complex Project on Schedule

    Contractor Totalbud is using two Potain MDT 109 top-slewing cranes and one Igo T 70 A self-erecting crane to construct the Oszmiańska 20 apartment complex in Warsaw, Poland, on a tight schedule. Totalbud chose the cranes for their reliability, helping to complete the project as quickly as possible and maximize profits.

    Three Potain cranes keep the Warsaw apartment block project on schedule. Courtesy of: Manitowoc

    In August 2020, two Potain MDT 109 top-slewing cranes and one Igo T 70 A self-erecting crane were commissioned to construct the Oszmiańska 20 apartment complex, close to the Targówek Mieszkaniowy metro station in Warsaw, Poland. The complex will consist of two 11-story buildings that house a total of 170 apartments from 35 m2 to 107 m2 in size, along with six commercial units and an underground parking garage.

    Courtesy of: Manitowoc

    The top-slewing cranes were tailored to the needs of the buildings, erected to a height of 47.5 m with a 35 m jib to lift the steel and concrete components. Their impressive technical specifications and slim tower sections make the MDT 109 cranes ideal for confined inner-city construction projects such as this. The Igo T 70 A, meanwhile, offers the high capacity and flexibility required to safely transport materials around the job site.

    “Potain is a quality brand that we can rely on to help us keep on schedule while completing the work safely and profitably,

    said Mariusz Palka, CEO of Totalbud, which purchased the cranes directly from Manitowoc.

    Courtesy of: Manitowoc

    The cranes will remain on site until January 2021 when they will be dismantled.

    Source: Manitowoc