Simex Expands Its Range of Wheel Saws With Two New Models

Simex further expands the range of wheel saws by adding a new model in the RW and RWE range.

New Wheel Saw RW And RWE; Source: Simex

It is a wheel saw for mini trenches designed specifically for laying optical fiber. The attachment is characterized by different cutting wheels with a variable thickness of 25-30-40-50-80 mm (1-1.2-1.6-2.1-3.2 inches), operating at a depth of 250-300-350 mm (10-12-14 inches), mechanically-manually adjusted.

The RW 350 is equipped with the self-leveling system (swinging): thanks to the articulated support that rotates on the axis of the drum, the slides always remain on the ground, granting a constant trenching depth in any condition.

The New RW 350; Source:Simex

The particular design of the outlets and the trench clearing device with manual-mechanical insertion guarantee the correct expulsion of the milled material, leaving the trench cleared at the set depth.

The New RWE 35 Source: Simex

The RW 350 wheel saw is an extremely versatile attachment, designed both for mounting on skid steer loaders with the addition of the hydraulic side shift, and for 5-10 (11000-22000 lbs) tons excavators, thus taking the name of RWE 35.

RW 350 and RWE 35 represent Simex’s latest innovation in the field of mini trenching for laying optical fiber, demonstrating the fact that the company never loses sight of its reference market, trying to provide concrete solutions to technical problems contained in various specific application context.

Source: Simex

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