Belgian Armed Forces Orders 879 CF Military Trucks From DAF

DAF has received a large order from the Belgian Armed Forces. The order comprises delivery and service of 879 all-wheel-drive CF Military trucks. Delivery of the first vehicles is planned for 2022 with the last vehicles to be produced in 2025.

Courtesy of: Tatra

The order of 879 CF Military trucks includes 636 2-axle trucks with 4×4 drivelines. These vehicles will be used as a general cargo carriers. In addition, DAF will provide 243 trucks with 4 axles and 8×8 drivelines for a variety of applications (tippers, container carriers, and cranes).

Off-road capabilities

For the CF Military Models, DAF is closely working together with the renowned Tatra Trucks in the Czech Republic, which results in a unique chassis concept with a world-class driveline, central backbone tube, and independent suspension of half-axles. This offers the CF Military unequaled off-road capabilities and exceptional driver comfort, even when driving through the most challenging terrains. The trucks are powered by the 10.8 and 12.9 liters Paccar MX-11 (4×4) and MX-13 (8×8) engines with outputs from 300 kW/410 hp to 340 kW/460 hp.

DAF has selected Hiab as the supplier for all hook-lift systems and load handling cranes and VS-Mont for the supply of tipper bodies. Cargo bodies will be produced by Porgest. In total, 352 CF Military vehicles will come with a state-of-the-art ballistic cab, provided by Tatra Defence Vehicle.

Courtesy of: DAF Trucks

Cabs made in Belgium

Production of the cabs of the CF Military trucks will take place in DAF’s cab plant in Westerlo, Belgium. The engines come from DAF’s engine plant in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Chassis will be produced at the Tatra Trucks plant in the Czech Republic.

Service by DAF dealers

The full service of the CF Military trucks for the Belgian Armed Forced can be carried out by the professional DAF dealer network with 27 locations in Belgium and over 1,100 world-wide. The global DAF dealer organization is backed by Paccar Parts for industry-leading parts availability.

“We are very proud to have been granted this prestigious order from the Belgian Armed Forces”, commented DAF Trucks’ president Harry Wolters.

“Because our ultra-modern cab and axle plant is located in Westerlo, we regard Belgium as our home market, which makes this order extra valuable to us. With the CF Military Models, we will offer the Belgian Armed Forces a range of unique trucks with which they can perfectly perform their responsible task under all circumstances.”.

Source: Tatra Trucks

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