Italian Femac launches the DOC302P rear hedge mower model:

Femac presents the latest rear hedge mower model: DOC 302 PA, which incorporates both the Parallelogram arm linkage and the Avant advancing movement.

Avant is our hydraulic advancement system of the 2nd arm-cutting head group, which moves it to the side of the cabin to ensure optimal sight, operator’s comfort and safety.
This system allows a backward movement that brings the cutting head behind the rear wheels and closer to the side to get a real flush to the wheel cut, that traditional configurations can’t provide.

The reach of the mower in the advanced position is 5,5 meters and 6 meters with the 2nd arm fully straightened.

Meanwhile, the Parallelogram configuration allows controlling the 1st and 2nd arm with only one input command, actuating them with the same cylinder thanks to the additional tie bar and articulation.
With this system the cutting head stays at the same height from the ground when the arm extends or retracts, massively reducing the operator’s workload.

Being part of the DOC302 family the DOC 302 PA boasts an extended range of accessories.
This makes it possible to customize the machine for any task, with a variety of cutting heads, cutting tools, control systems, hydraulic motors and many more.

Emanuele Giovannini
Emanuele Giovannini
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