[Video] Grouzer and TXL Tracks at Works on John Deere Harvester and Forwarders

This YouTube video shows Clark Tracks with Rooth Skogsvård AB, a forestry contracting company. They tell and test TXL and Grouzer tracks. It’s shot in Sweden. A group of foresters discusses jobs and how it means work hardly in extremes conditions.

Clark Tracks
It begins with an interesting sentence:

“I have been wondering why you want so aggressive trucks.”

Here it has the meaning of this “promotional” video. In fact, the entire visual communication is based on this situation: with steep terrain, it needs an aggressive track. In this case, “aggressive” stands for “highly performing”, practically the slogan of the company. The video is thought to prove the efficiency of these products and their functionality in the hardest situations.

Especially when the weather is no perfect. The machine (a harvester and forwarder) needs more effort to reach its objective: deforesting while is snowing. The sequences of this video are even functional to the narrative. When the working men talk about their job and how the terrain is harder than others, the photography concentres its point of view and the attention on the trucks, Grouzer and TXL: the main perspective is focused on the material and the form.

To make this video looks good, the role of the soundtrack is crucial. Why that? Surely, to improve the fluency of the narration. Secondly, to create a sense of closeness with the people that will see this video. A piece of rock music, maybe it can be useful, at the same time, to give the actions of machines  “musically” in time.

The final purpose is to emphasize the important role of these products. How they work and how they help workers without effort. In fact, a young worker alongside Hans Rooth says that the trucks make the machine comfortable: “I really like that these tracks have very good traction” and even “They really keep moving”.

Knowing how to communicate

Telling a job story with a video is too decisive for a company. It can see a promotional side given by the sequences and the attention to the details. The best thing that a brand can do is show how their products work and help the workers during the day. The video tends to alternate, with the editing of long shots and close-ups. But has the same relevance to tell “a fact”:

“ Some places are just impossible for the forwarders to enter.”

It’s a story of workers, in this case, customers, that appreciate these tracks. They consider as a magical item, an important help for thinning and felling. Hans Rooth says: “I’ve traveled all around Sweden and can confirm that here it is extremely hilly.”

And then that Clark Tracks comes with the Grouzer and its climbing ability. TXL with “traction and lowest ground pressure of any track”.

Source: Clark Tracks