Metso Outotec Launches the Premier and Select Horizontal Grinding Mills

    The Premier and Select horizontal grinding mills of Metso Outotec are designed for different customer segments and markets.

    The Premier and Select horizontal grinding mills of Metso Outotec. Courtesy of: Metso Outotec.

    Every mining operation has a unique grinding process that requires versatile grinding equipment. During the last six months, Metso Outotec has extensively reviewed the combined horizontal mill product offering from the legacy Metso and Outotec companies. The harmonized Metso Outotec horizontal mill product lines that represent the best of both legacy companies: Metso Outotec Premier horizontal grinding mills and Select horizontal grinding mills.

    Christoph Hoetzel, Head of Grinding business line at Metso Outotec, says:

    “With the introduction of the Premier and Select horizontal grinding mills, Metso Outotec continues its over 100-year legacy in grinding. Both lines have their own differences and benefits, but share the concepts and expertise that have made us an industry leader time and time again. As a combined company we have consistently led the way in grinding mill innovation. We’ve continuously pushed mill technology in the next size increment. Currently, we have the largest operating mills in the world, and we want to lean on that legacy in taking the next steps in mill size. In addition, it is important for us to continue to be a frontrunner in the development of a more robust suite of horizontal mill technologies, providing desirable options for customers looking for quick execution with reliable technology.”

    Two lines with different features

    The Premier and Select horizontal grinding mills are designed for different customer segments and markets, and they have distinctly different features and benefits. In both lines, there are various mill solutions available for a wide range of applications.

    The Premier horizontal grinding mills are completely customizable solutions built on state-of-the-art grinding mill technology, process expertise, and design capability; are engineered to create vast possibilities for customers and applications.

    The Select horizontal grinding mills are a range of pre-engineered solutions that allow simple mill selection, simplified proposal preparation, and a streamlined order execution process. The grinding mills feature a robust suite of technologies and conservative design parameters that meet or exceed operational goals. Its are available for applications up to 7.8 MW for the Sag and Ball mills; Rod mills are available up to 4.60 m x 6.10 m EGL.

    Source: Metso Outotec