Hydroscand Participated with New Range of Lightweight Hose Assembly Machines at Hillhead Digital

    Hydroscand has launched a new range of lightweight, portable hose assembly machines, suitable for service vans and portable applications.

    The H16P, H24DC and H32DC have all had a lightweight revamp resulting in machines between 42-50% lighter than before – an important factor for weight-critical service vans doing multiple call-outs at peak times.

    At just 10kg the new H16P Lightweight is the lightest portable crimping machine on the market.  It’s an impressive 50% lighter than the standard H16P, offering versatile field performance.  It is suitable for hose up to 1 inch and its LED light and buzzer ensures error-free crimping.  The crimping range is 45mm with a 95-tonne force.

    The H16P Lightweight

    For hose up to 1 ½ inch the new H24DC Lightweight is 47kg.  It’s 44% lighter than the standard H24DC and a great on-site choice.  It features a crimping range of 61mm and an impressive 140-tonne force.

    H24DC Lightweight

    Lastly, the new H32DC Lightweight is 67kg – 42% lighter than the standard H32DC.  It can safely handle hose up to 2 inch with its 87mm crimping range and a heavy-duty 200-tonne crimping force.

    The H32DC Lightweight

    The new machines all have a special, high-quality, durable aluminium construction, which contributes to weight reduction, compared to the steel bodies of the standard models.

    Chiara De Paoli
    Chiara De Paoli
    Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media