All About Hidromek’s New Products Introduced at Hillhead Digital

    Hidromek participated at Hillhead digital with the brand-new HMK 635 WL wheel loader suitable for a variety of applications (eg quarrying, road construction, concrete etc) and the new HMK 150 WR wheel excavator suitable to work in narrow spaces.

    HİDROMEK’s 635 WL wheel loader in action

    All about the 635 WL wheel loader

    HİDROMEK’s new wheel loader HMK 635 WL fully meets the expectations of its users such as high performance, low fuel consumption, versatility, operator comfort, and safety.

    HMK 635 WL wheel loader is commonly used by quarry enterprises and concrete plants for industrial applications and public services and in many fields with different attachments providing productive and efficient work possibilities. Heavy-duty type loader HMK 635 WL offers breakout power and control capability in severe working areas.

    Providing high efficiency in the fields with its Mercedes engine having 282 HP, 1200 Nm torque, HMK 635 WL has a standard operating weight of 20.600 kg and 3,5 m3 bucket capacity.

    HİDROMEK’s 635 WL wheel loader in action

    Shortens the cycle times

    HMK 635 WL shortens the cycle times and provides high loading in a short time. The machine operates with high efficiency and low fuel consumption. HMK 635 WL, which stands out with its high breakout force, dump clearance, and traction, offers productive and efficient working in many areas with the possibility of using different attachments.

    HMK 635 WL gives particular importance to comfort and high safety with its ergonomic operator cabin having ROPS / FOPS certificates. With seat heating, reversing camera, touch screen, electrically controlled and heated mirror, HMK 635 WL offers high level comfort.

    With its unique design, HMK 635 WL is more stable owing to the engine located in the rear. Besides, HMK 635 WL provides convenient serviceability due to its one-piece electric bonnet easily accessible from the ground level and the step located in the back of the machine.

    HİDROMEK’s new HMK 150 WR wheel excavator designed to operate in narrow places

    HİDROMEK HMK150WR wheel excavator

    HİDROMEK’s HMK 150 WR wheel excavator belonging to the new H4 Series provides outstanding performance, durability, easy control and operator comfort. Thanks to its short turning radius, HMK 150 WR works easily in narrow places.

    Produced with improved hydraulic system design, the new HMK 150 WR wheel excavator provides outstanding performance for its user with its 4.800 mm and two-piece boom, 2.300 mm arm and 0,6 m3 bucket capacity,

    The reinforced chassis, boom, and arm in HMK 150 WR wheel excavator deliver maximum performance and high durability for its users.

    The short turning radius allows the machine to work in narrow places in the city. The machine has a 1.850 mm countweight turning radius. With this feature, the machine provides easy control and mobility in narrow places.

    Fuel economy

    The water-cooled diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooler makes the machine strong by providing high torque even at low rpms and is compatible with European EU Stage V exhaust gas emission regulations. The automatic powerboost technology, provides additional power for the machine and ensures the machine have maximum performance for the assigned job.

    HMK 150 WR ensures to work with low fuel consumption by providing more work and save on fuel consumption in every tank. The safe fuel transfer pump stops the pump automatically when the tank is full. This feature gets activated also when the pump does not transfer fuel for 30 seconds and ensures that the pump stops automatically.

    Work in safety and comfort

    HMK 150 WR allows operators to have command ability and offers operator comfort. It provides comfortable usage through the wide and ergonomic cabin, improved visibility, adjustable seat, and OPERA Control System.

    By using 6 silicone dampers on HMK 150 WR, noise, shock, and vibration are absorbed and prevented from being transmitted to the cabin under any working condition.

    ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) equipped cabin, red handles, and warning labels on HMK 150 WR is designed to increase the operator’s safety to the highest level. HMK 150 WR also provides easy maintenance and service through its design which enables fast access to hydraulic and engine equipment.

    Chiara De Paoli
    Chiara De Paoli
    Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media