How to Ship Equipment Globally with Efficiency by Using an Adjustable Container

    The Super Rack container is the world’s only height-adjustable transportation equipment.
    Although it is similar to a flat rack container designed to load over-specification (OOG) cargo, its unique feature allow extending height up to 4.1 meters. As the height can be extended by more than 1.5 meters than a regular container, it can safely load oversized cargoes like excavators. In addition, containers can be stacked on top of this Super Rack container, making it easy to manage the container vessel’s loading space.

    Shipping Sumitomo SH210 excavators using Super Rack container.

    Usually, the cargo with a height that exceeds 8ft 6in on container vessel should be stowed on special stowage and handled with special gear to avoid damage between the spreader and top of the cargo when lifting. Because of this stowage restriction and difficulties of handling, it is much expensive to handle over-height cargo than a normal standard container. However, with the Super Rack’s height-adjustable flat rack container, such a problem can be easily resolved and cost-saving can be made because the Super Rack does not need any extra manpower nor lifting gear. Not to mention, it would not be restricted to stow at any slot on the vessel.

    Jum-Gyu Kim, president of Super Rack Co. said:

    that the company is expanding its business from producing and selling Super Rack container to leasing and offering freight forwarding service using Super Rack containers.

    Business diversification begins with Sinokor Merchant Marine Co.

    The company was incorporated into an affiliate of Sinokor Merchant Marine Co. in October last year, which marks a new turning point. Super Rack joined with its parent company to rent containers and transport cargoes directly.

    The company aims to containerize major heavy equipment such as construction machinery, road-packing equipment, and mining equipment.
    Super Rack and Sinokor Merchant Marine Co. have agreed to form a joint venture to make a breakthrough. Sinokor thought that it was a good opportunity because it just expanded its service in Asia by acquiring Heung-A Shipping (Container Liner). Sinokor Merchant Marine Co. management took up President Kim’s idea and concept well. They plan to work closely to transport construction machinery and other Out of gauge cargoes using their containers and vessels.

    President Kim said he plans contact with shippers who used to transport heavy equipment through Hanjin Shipping and Hyundai Merchant Marine, such as Hitachi Komatsu of Japan. In particular, the plan is to offer transport and freight forwarding service of super large construction machinery using their containers and Sinokor vessels.

    The number of super rack container, which is currently around 120 units, will also increase to 500 units. After placing new orders for 100 units by the end of this year, Super Rack is planning to build an additional 300 units next year.

    Super Rack is developing methods of transporting large construction machines using super rack containers. Their plan is to dismantle 200t, 300t even 500t excavators and load them into containers. They said they would like to be considered as an alternative way of shipping construction machinery.

    Shipping Hitachi Ultra-Large Hydraulic excavator parts using Super Rack container.

    Super Rack began its business after holding demonstrations for shippers located in Incheon and Busan, South Korea. Their demonstration has been provided to about 50 heavy equipment shippers, including Doosan Infracore, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Hanwha Power System, ABC Global, and others. It was about the process of loading excavators on their super rack container and stacking regular containers on top of it.

    Demonstration of loading dry container on a Super Rack.

    After the demonstration, the majority of manufacturers were interested in carrying construction machines by the way Super Rack has demonstrated. When the global pandemic of Covid-19 gets settled down, Super Rack plans for a demonstration in China, Japan, United Kingdom, and the United States, where many construction machinery shippers are located.

    While Super Rack’s new way of shipping construction machinery is getting shipper’s attention in the Asia Pacific region, they are working closely with major construction manufacturers and used construction machinery dealers. Since they offer worldwide freight forwarding service, Super Rack is seeking for possible business opportunities in other regions as well.