Only One Rechargeable Battery To Operate With Even More Construction Equipment: That’s the Aim of Wacker Neuson and Bomag Cooperation

    Battery-powered construction equipment is set to become an even more attractive option for construction companies: Wacker Neuson and Bomag have agreed to use the same battery for their rammers, so customers who decide to invest in a battery and charger will be able to use them across an even broader range of construction equipment from September 2021 onwards.

    The “one for all” mindset right from the start enables users to operate different construction equipment products, such as rammers and vibratory plates, with just one battery. It means that customers only have to invest in one rechargeable battery and charger.

    Customers will thus benefit from cost savings when they invest in battery-powered devices, creating strong momentum for the wider adoption of emissions-free equipment on construction sites. This move will also simplify life on construction sites as logistics workflows will no longer have to support different battery and charging systems.

    “We firmly believe that many more construction sites could be operated without producing any direct exhaust emissions, especially in urban areas,” explains Stefan Pfetsch, Managing Director of the Wacker Neuson production site in Reichertshofen, the company’s competence center for compaction. “Our interchangeable battery has the potential to power a wide range of construction equipment. By enabling another manufacturer to use our battery, we are further accelerating the adoption of emissions-free construction equipment and underscoring Wacker Neuson’s commitment to fast-tracking carbon reductions.”

    “Through our cooperation with Wacker Neuson, we are leveraging the experience of two innovative equipment manufacturers to offer our customers practical added value through the use of zero emission construction equipment,” explains Ralf Junker, President of the Bomag Group. ”This is the next strategic step for us in expanding our product range. It also acts as a key stimulus for the entire industry in our efforts to drive the development of sustainable products with the highest customer benefit. As a result of the cooperation, Bomag will launch the first battery-powered tamper in September this year – further products are at an advanced stage of development.”

    Wacker Neuson presented the battery back in 2014 and is the leading provider in the field of battery-powered soil compaction and concrete consolidation. At present, the battery can power three vibratory plates, three battery-powered rammer models and one internal vibrator system from Wacker Neuson’s zero emission range. All batteries purchased to date are compatible with all battery-powered equipment offered by both manufacturers.

    More about Wacker Neuson

    “Wacker Neuson – all it takes!” Wacker Neuson makes this promise to customers worldwide with a comprehensive product range of construction machines and equipment, spare parts and services. Among other things, the product portfolio includes internal and external vibrators for concrete consolidation, vibratory wet screeds for concrete surface finishing, vibratory rammers, vibratory plates and rollers for soil compaction, demolition and cutting equipment, lighting, generators, pumps and heating as well as excavators, wheel loaders, telehandlers, skid steer loaders and dumpers within the range of compact construction machines.

    Wacker Neuson has always owed its market position to unconditional customer orientation as well as the reliability and power of innovation of its products. With its own sales and service organizations in more than 35 countries, 7 international production sites and numerous partner locations for sales organization and service, Wacker Neuson has a comprehensive worldwide presence.

    In addition, Wacker Neuson offers services that meet the diverse requirements of its customers. Companies from the main construction industry, gardening and landscaping, municipalities and industry among other sectors, therefore, rely on the innovative solutions of Wacker Neuson. The brand is supported by the Wacker Neuson Group, a corporation with around 5,500 employees worldwide and a turnover of EUR 1.6 billion in 2020.

    More about Bomag

    The company, which has its HQ in Boppard and has belonged to the Fayat Group since 2005, produces machines for soil, asphalt and refuse compaction, as well as stabilizers/recyclers, milling machines and pavers.

    Bomag has developed a huge number of technologies, from systems for measuring and improving compaction, such as the Economizer, to technologies for reducing operating costs, such as Ecomode. Bomag machines with intelligent measuring technology are the prerequisite for digitizing the construction site.

    To achieve this comprehensive transparency, Bomag has combined a whole range of modules into an integrated solution. Bomag products work hand in hand – fully digitally. The global Bomag network of experts and partners in over 120 countries is there to support customers from the configuration of the machines to providing solutions for the most challenging tasks. The company owes its innovative strength to more than 2,500 employees worldwide, their commitment and their unique wealth of experience.