Komatsu Europe Reduces CO2 Emissions With the New BR380JG-3 Mobile Jaw Crusher

    Are you looking for a mobile jaw crusher with Net Zero CO2 emissions? Komatsu Europe announces its new BR380JG-3, powered by a Komatsu EU Stage V emissions compliant diesel engine. To meet Komatsu’s commitment to a cleaner environment and increasing demands from customers to reduce CO2 emissions, the BR380JG-3 comes with a unique CO2 off setting scheme, which is applied to each and every one sold in Europe.

    Komatsu believes that solving Environmental, Social and Governance issues are key to the future

    “We thought it would be fitting to launch the new BR380JG-3 in conjunction with the international Earth Day” says Vince Porteous, Product Manager at Komatsu Europe. “The new BR380JG-3 is Komatsu’s first diesel powered machine in Europe with Net Zero CO2 emissions.” He adds: “Komatsu believes that solving Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are key to the future. By combining Komatsu technology with the assistance of biology, we, as a manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, and as a member of society, can deliver on our commitment to our customers and to the planet.”

    The operating weight of the BR380JG-3 ranges from 33,500 to 35,310 kg, with a maximum crushing capacity of 240 tonnes / hour. The fuel efficient, EU Stage V Komatsu engine has a power output of 159kW / 213HP @ 2050rpm.

    The latest Komtrax telematics, and the Komatsu Care maintenance program for customers, offer top fleet management and support, protect the machine against misuse and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime.

    Komatsu’s New BR380JG-3 Mobile Jaw Crusher

    Building on the reputation of the BR380JG-1, the Net Zero C02 emissions BR380JG-3 incorporates a new two-axis type deck vibrator, which enables a smooth continuous flow of material to the highly efficient two stage grizzly separator bars.

    The semi-automatic feeding system incorporates crusher overload detection and automatic feed control to enable consistent and efficient production.

    The machine has a 1,065mm x 550m jaw opening, with tapered side plates, and the automatic jaw setting feature is user friendly, and makes it easy for a customer to crush at a high volume to the desired discharge material size.

    With a maximum crushing capacity of up to 240 tonnes / hour and a 1,050mm wide main conveyor, which has a top speed of 120m/min, a stock pile of 37 tonnes can be achieved before any machine movement is required.

    The BR380JG-3 also has the option of a side muck conveyor and magnetic separator, which provide additional versatility.

    An easy one-touch start-and-stop function, makes it quick and simple to operate the machine, and with the addition of the standard radio remote control, allows operators to multitask and increase their efficiency.

    The high resolution monitor panel, available in 27 languages, provides real time machine condition information, fuel consumption information and ECO guidance.

    The BR380JG-3’s enhanced safety features include a foldable ground level maintenance access step, which allows safe easy access while retaining a transport width of 2,870mm. The machine also provides new guard rails and safety harness anchor points.

    The machine incorporates Komatsu’s telematic system Komtrax, which provides machine performance reports, and engine aftertreatment system health and maintenance reports and all through 4G mobile communication.

    BR380JG-3 – New features and Benefits

    • NEW – Net Zero CO2
      • CO2 off set scheme
      • The cleanest mobile crusher in the market
      • Technology and biology working together
    • NEW – EU Stage V Engine
      • High power engine
      • Integrated Komatsu aftertreatment systems
      • Komatsu Care
      • Peace of mind
    • NEW – Productivity and efficiency
      • High fuel savings
      • Fully automatic discharge setting adjustment system
      • High crushing capacity
      • High speed large capacity conveyor belt
      • Remote control as standard
      • High productivity and efficiency
    • NEW – Safety features
      • Foldable maintenance access step
      • New guard rails
      • Retractable engine hood
      • Battery disconnection switch
      • Engine shutdown secondary switch
    • NEW – Komtrax step 5
      • 4G mobile communication Fuel and AdBlue®* usage reports
      • Machine status reports
      • Integrated communication antenna
    Chiara De Paoli
    Chiara De Paoli
    Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media