Rockster R1000S Mobile Impact Crusher Reduces Demolition Waste in Sweden

    Haga R.O.T. Service AB recently invested in a state-of-the-art Rockster R1000S mobile impact crusher in order to further strengthen their mission in quality recycling and efficient repurposing of on-site demolition waste.

    Recycling of reinforced construction debris to 0-80mm final size, with the Rockster impactor R1000S in Norrköping, Sweden.

    For the past 25 years, Haga R.O.T. Service AB has been a specialist in heavy demolition, decontamination, and recycling whose rock-solid reputation has been steadily growing. Located in the southern part of Sweden, approximately 160km southwest of capitol Stockholm, Haga R.O.T. has its offices in both Norrköping and Linköping. 70 hardworking employees keep the company on the right track, which simply means – moving forward efficiently. Regardless of the size of the project, each one receives proper care and attention with a high level of professionalism. Besides heavy demolition, Haga R.O.T. also does contract crushing of asphalt and concrete as well as recycling in their newly opened recycling center in Norsholm, just outside of Norrköping. The owner John Torsell saw a Rockster R1000S impactor on site in Austria and was immediately convinced that the crusher is the right one for a diverse range of projects.

    Rockster‘s mobile impact crusher arrives in Sweden. Another advantage of R1000S is that it does not require any special permits for transport, which makes it extremely mobile and versatile.

    Top service and customer support

    Rockster’s Swedish Sales Partner Niklas Johansson of Biocare Svenska AB, has introduced Rockster mobile crushers to Haga R.O.T. with a lot of success. The company has been in the crushing business since 2008 and during this time they have acquired a valuable knowledge in terms of what works and what doesn`t when it comes to mobile crushers. Both Haga R.O.T. and Biocare Svenska have a long history of working together.

    “There is a developed trust between Haga and us. They know that they can rely on our top-quality service and support as well as our expertise on how to process materials. One of the reasons why they chose Rockster R1000S is because of our ability to provide fast and efficient supply of spare and wear parts”, says Niklas Johannson.

    “Major benefit with Rockster R1000S is that it does not require any transport permits and because of its compact size under 35 tonnes, it is extremely mobile” says Johansson.

    John Torsell in front of his brand new Rockster R1000S impactor.

    Because the ecological footprint matters

    Östergötland is where Haga R.O.T. does majority of their business, however they are active throughout the entire country, and keeping the ecological footprint to a minimum is of outmost importance. R1000S with the latest CAT Stage V engine is the optimal addition to their machine fleet but more importantly to their philosophy. The Rockster crusher is equipped with C9.3B – the latest emission technology engine from Caterpillar and the crusher is powered through a hydrostatic drive. This type of drive, in comparison to diesel-electric, ensures a constant crushing performance as well as reduced diesel consumption.

    Johannson explains: “With Rockster’s hydrostatic crusher drive, the diesel engine always stays in the optimal RPM range. The hydraulic pump only adapts to the crusher’s power requirements, which means lower fuel consumption per tonne of crushed final material.”

    In addition, the crusher is equipped with a RVB1700 Air Blower that blows away light non-aggregates such as plastic, textile, polystyrene, wood parts, ytong and similar materials, which results in higher quality valuable final product.

    Recycling of construction waste is of outmost importance for Haga R.O.T. Service AB and Rockster impact crusher gives them even more flexibility at different crushing locations.

    Ideal crusher for recycling of construction/demolition waste

    R1000S at Haga R.O.T. is mainly used at demolition sites for recycling of construction waste, which is either reused on site or sold for other projects. Construction waste often involves large amounts of reinforced concrete. As part of the standard equipment on R1000S is a vertically adjustable magnetic separator, which efficiently removes steel from the crushed concrete that results in cleaner and more valuable final product. The construction waste is crushed down to 0-80mm or 0-100mm.

    “The Rockster with its independent screening system, vibrating feeder located under the crusher outlet, oversize hanging screen and efficiently constructed engine openings for easy service access simply ticks all the boxes on our customer’s crusher wish-list”, says Johannson.

    Chiara De Paoli
    Chiara De Paoli
    Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media