Hidromek Introduces 500 LCHD Excavator Designed To Protect Engine and Hydraulic Components

    Hidromek’s new crawler excavator HMK 500 LCHD with the highest tonnage in H4 Series, is ready to take place on the field. Offering durability owing to the revisions made in undercarriage, the strengthening of its heavy-duty structure, and its developed technology, HMK 500 LCHD provides strong and smooth performance in the most difficult working conditions with its robust and balanced structure.

    The 3,2 m3 bucket capacity, 6,3 meter standard boom length, 52.000 kg standard machine operating weight and the technological equipment in HMK 500 LCHD increase performance and productivity.

    Increased durability

    Owing to the improvements made in arm and boom structure, undercarriage and attachment groups by using more durable materials in HMK 500 LCHD offers uninterrupted operation in the fields with the most severe operating conditions such as mining, marble and large construction sites. HMK 500 LCHD brings the required power, durability, high performance and long-life usage to the field.

    Office comfort in heavy field conditions

    HMK 500 LCHD enables the operator to work comfortably with easy control. It offers many equipment and option such as heated, air-suspended and 35-degree adjustable seat, proportional control pedal and joysticks, OPERA Control System and touch control operator panel. The red handles, side and rear cameras and warning systems on the machine with FOPS standard cabin provides safety for the user and the environment.

    Shaped with technology

    Electronic system of H4 Series excavators designed to protect the engine and hydraulic components to provide fuel saving and superior performance.

    In the new series, “automatic stop system” through configurable idling and stopping times provides fuel saving by stopping the engine after the machine is on idle.”

    “Safe fuel transfer pump” added to H4 Series stops the pump automatically when the tank is full and this feature gets activated also when the pump does not transfer fuel for 30 seconds, and ensures that the pump stops automatically.”

    “Power boost technology” gets activated automatically in the conditions when the machine needs extra power, and ensures that the machine has the proper performance for the work.”

    “8 inch touch control panel” is positioned ergonomically at a point that the operator can easily reach it. Touch control panel having high quality hardware and a large screen easily enables to control the machine features and access to machine information.”

    Chiara De Paoli
    Chiara De Paoli
    Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media