Yokohama Launches Galaxy LHD 510 SDS Tire Designed To Provide Traction on All Kind of Surfaces

    Yokohama’s new Galaxy LHD 510 SDS tire for wheel loaders was developed for extreme applications and conditions such as those in waste management facilities, metal scrap yards, and other recycling centers.

    The Galaxy LHD 510 SDS

    In conjunction with a special compound formulation, the solid construction of this tire ensures a load-carrying capacity and reliably prevents punctures, chipping, chunking, and heat build-up, thus reducing wear, potential damage, and resulting in machine downtime. Sidewall apertures ease fatigue on hard, uneven surfaces and provide enhanced driver comfort. The new tire range is available in four sizes 20.5-25, 23.5-25, 26.5-25, and 29.5-25.

    Advanced S-lug traction design

    Galaxy LHD 510 SDS is designed with a deep groove on the shoulder to provide traction on all kind of surfaces. Massive tread blocks with continuous S-lugs create a horizontal pattern across the entire tread surface to ensure maximum traction. The unique zig-zag design helps to channel water away from the contact patch for reliable traction under wet conditions. This effect is further enhanced by deep grooves on the shoulders of this tire. The grooves provide effective biting edges, thus also ensuring impressive traction when the ground is fully covered by water or mud. The stepped tie-bar design provides improved ground stability whilst the rim guard effectively protects the rim.

    The Galaxy LHD 510 SDS

    Special compound formulation

    Working environments of metal scrap yards and other recycling facilities require a more than robust tire when low downtimes and long service life both are ranking high on the operator’s agenda. That is why the Galaxy LHD-510 SDS comes with steel wire creel beads across the entire cross-section of the tire, maintaining a tight and uniform contact patch to provide the strength to reliable handle high torque while eliminating rim slippage. The compound formulation of these new tires equally ensures lasting performance: Along with minimized heat build-up, robust, cut and chip resistant components also contribute to maximum service life. At the same time, sidewall apertures allow for effective heat dissipation whilst enhancing operator comfort even during long working days on hard and uneven surfaces.

    Galaxy solid tire range

    Galaxy’s portfolio of solid tires for wheel loaders now allows choosing the optimum product – from the Super Smooth SDS to the regular LHD 500 SDS and to the new, traction-oriented design of the LHD 510 SDS. The new LHD-510 is available in sizes 20.5-25 (rim 17.00-25), 23.5-25 (rim 19.50-25), 26.5-15 (rim 22.00-25) and 29.50-25 (rim 25.00-25) with immediate effect.

    Chiara De Paoli
    Chiara De Paoli
    Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media