Kramer-Werke Launches 1445 and 3610 Telehandlers

Kramer-Werke unveils two new telehandler models. The telehandler range now includes 12 models with stacking heights ranging from 4.30 to 9.50 metres. Both of the new models, the 1445 – a compact telescopic – and the 3610 – an all-rounder with a 9.50 metre stacking height – have been designed with the usual hallmarks of maximum sturdiness and versatility.

1445 – The compact powerhouse

The new ultracompact telehandler 1445 replaces the well-known 1245. With its dimensions – a height of less than 2 metres and a width of around 1.60 metres – and its operating weight of approximately 3,000 kilogrammes, the 1445 is the smallest model in the Kramer telehandler range. Nevertheless, it has an astonishing power rating: The pallet fork has a stacking payload of 1450 kilogrammes and a lift height at hinge pin height of around 4.50 metres. Even when handling heavy loads (e.g. stone pallets) it has sufficient reserves to spare. The Kramer tried-and-tested quickhitch system with mechanical locking is fitted as standard to this vehicle. Hydraulic locking is also available as an option, as are various common quick coupler systems, including the Euro quick coupler. For the operation of attachments with additional hydraulic functions, such as a silage bucket, the 3rd control circuit is factory fitted. Additionally, the machine is available with two engines. The basic is a 19 kilowatt or 25 hp Yanmar engine. This complies with the exhaust emission stage V, without further emission treatment, which makes it an affordable entry-level option for most applications. The power of the work hydraulics is a maximum of 36.4 litres per minute. For applications with a high power requirement, a 33 kilowatt or 45 hp Yanmar engine is available as an option, with exhaust after-treatment using a combination of catalytic converter and particulate filter. The hydraulic power is a maximum of 42 litres per minute, ensuring faster load cycles and better vehicle performance. An enhanced range of options is also available for the more powerful engine, including the top speed of 30 km/h and powerflow performance hydraulics of up to 70 litres per minute.

Despite the vehicle’s compact dimensions, it offers a spacious and comfortable cabin. Ergonomically-positioned grab handles, together with the low entry height of just 40 centimetres make it easy to enter and exit the vehicle. The operator’s seat and the steering wheel can be individually adjusted to suit the operator. The panoramic glazed areas and narrow cabin struts ensure optimal visibility. For working in the dark, various lighting packages transform night into day. The characteristic Kramer operating concept, with divided function groups and colour-coded switches, is also a feature of the 1445, as is the joystick with travel direction selection, telescopic extension arm and optional operation of the 3rd control circuit. The 1445 also comes with an electronic parking brake with hill-hold function as standard. This means that as soon as the machine stops, the parking brake is engaged automatically. A touch of the drive pedal automatically disengages the brake, meaning that e.g. the machine does not need to be held with the foot brake when inactive on a slope. Alongside the all wheel steering, both front wheel and crab steering are optionally available. If necessary, the machine can be fitted with low-speed control and hand throttle, as well as up to four different operating modes. This complete package makes the compact telehandler 1445 an ideal companion in many areas, from rental parks to garden and landscaping.

3610 – with compact dimensions above and beyond

With the 3610, Kramer reaches new lift heights and transmission ranges with its new dimensions, in doing so the 3-piece boom ensures maximum compactness. The vehicle has one length (without bucket) of just 5.03 metres and is 2.28 metres wide. As a result, the vehicle belongs to the “perfect all-rounder” class for its diverse application in the Kramer telehandler portfolio, to which the 4007 success model also belongs. With an operating weight of 8,200 kilogrammes (depending on options) and its compact dimensions, the 3610 achieves a maximum stacking height of 9.50 metres and a maximum payload of 3,600 kilogrammes. To ideally adjust the machine to individual application ratios, there are also two cab options available for the 3610. For low clearance heights, the vehicle with the standard cab is the ideal choice. With its standard 24-inch tyres, the vehicle has a total height of just 2.31 metres, which presents a special feature in this size class. If the maximum vehicle height is not a limiting factor, there is an option available for an 18 centimetre raised cab for optimal all-round visibility, particularly to the right hand side. The 3610 is also equipped with the familiar features: Smart Handling, intelligent overload protection, automatic bucket return and the telematics solutions – EquipCare. Additionally, as with the 4007, you have access to the same range of options. Overall, the new model is impressive with Kramer’s usual sturdiness and reliability, coupled with a plus-point in terms of lift height and transmission range.

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