Boulet Bâtiment Acquired One of the First Genie Articulating Boom Lifts

    Boulet Bâtiment is a building contractor based in Azincourt, Pas-de-Calais region, Northern France. Its main activities include structural work, metal framework installation, roofing, cladding and indoor finishing. As part of the construction of a logistics warehouse for a freight transporter working from the port of Calais, the company recently acquired one of the first Genie articulating boom lifts in France featuring a track drive— a Genie Z-62/40 TraX. The machine was provided by EMM, Authorised Genie Distributor (sales, service and spare parts), based in Cappelle-la-Grande, near Dunkirk, Northern France.

    How did Boulet Bâtiment acquire a Genie Z-62/40 TraX articulating track-driven boom lift?
    It all started with an article in the press that caught the attention of company manager Mrs. Aoife Desgrousilliers. Eager to find out more, she contacted Genie through the brand’s website, and her request was immediately forwarded to Emmanuel Mouillière, Genie Sales Manager for the West of France and French overseas departments and territories.

    When it came to learning more, Boulet Bâtiment was immediately reassured by the quality of the relationship between Genie and its distributor EMM, who explained in detail the relevance of a trackmounted boom lift, a productive and valuable solution for its customer’s various projects.

    In addition to the machine’s unique and patented Genie TraX system that features four independent triangular tracks at each corner of the unit — allowing it go virtually anywhere when the going gets tough — the Genie Z-62/40 TraX articulating boom is also spec’d to make it extremely efficient, productive and versatile:

    • A max working height of 20.87 m (68 ft 5 in), max horizontal outreach of 12.42 m (40 ft 7 in), max articulating height of 7.8 m (25 ft 5 in) and a 227 kg (500 lb) lift capacity.
    • Continuous active oscillating axle that maintains all tyres on the ground on uneven terrain.
    • True 4WD capabilities and 45 % gradeability.
    • Fully proportional controls.
    • Articulating boom with Genie Dual Parallelogram design that allows operators to work parallel to walls and facades while the boom is elevated, reducing the need to reposition the machine.
    • Articulating 1.52 m (4 ft 9 in) jib with 135° vertical rotation for high-precision operator positioning.
    • Genie Fast Mast system that ensures high speed boom extension to max height, or from max height back to ground level.

    Chiara De Paoli
    Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media