Haulotte Africa Subsidiary Provides Customized Training to AVI Cranes Technicians

In mid-December, Haulotte Africa’s service team visited AVI Cranes to provide in-depth training to the technical teams. The Israel-based construction equipment rental company recently added more than 50 Haulotte aerial work platforms to its fleet.

AVI Cranes is one of the largest powered access specialists in Israel, supplying machines to major industrial companies in the country. The rental company has ordered 55 Haulotte aerial work platforms, including STAR 6 vertical masts, Optimum 8 electric scissor lifts, a HA20 LE PRO all-terrain electric articulating boom, and a HT43 RTJ PRO telescopic boom.

The Haulotte Africa subsidiary provided a customized training to AVI Cranes technicians to reinforce their knowledge on vertical masts and scissor lifts. During the 3 day training, the participants familiarized themselves with the group’s models by alternating theoretical and practical sequences. On the agenda: overload and reach calibration procedures, parameters’ settings, and also machine diagnostics using the Haulotte Diag tool.

Ahmed Errouissi, service manager for the Haulotte Africa subsidiary, says:

«Training is a major issue in our sector. AVI Cranes’ technical teams now have the knowledge to maintain and diagnose Haulotte scissor lifts and vertical masts. I will come back in February to provide further training on the PULSEO generation all-electric articulating boom lift and the telescopic big booms».

Chiara De Paoli
Chiara De Paoli
Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media