Palfinger BM 214 Truck Mounted Forklift Offers Precision Work in Record Time

Small but powerful – that is the ultra-compact BM 214 truck-mounted forklift from PALFINGER. The forklift recently demonstrated what it can do under time pressure during the upgrade of a substation in Germany.

It’s early morning, temperatures are icy and Tirschenreuth in the Upper Palatinate region of Germany is disappearing into thick fog. The Energo Partners team have already started work, because today every minute counts. In order to upgrade a substation as quickly as possible, 32 medium-voltage systems are required on site. The challenge: there is no direct access for the heavily loaded truck at the job site. It’s good that they have a PALFINGER BM 214 truck-mounted forklift, that can easily manage the last important meters and position the system components precisely.


PALFINGER BM 214 truck-mounted forklifts are normally safely stowed in a box between the truck axles. This time, for the upgrade of the Tirschenreuth substation, it was delivered on a car trailer and is fully operational in a record time of less than 30 seconds. For the Energo Partners team, this is a good start to a busy day. After all, their work is supposed to be finished within the same day. With the BM 214, the people on-site are able to quickly unload the 32 medium-voltage systems and transport them straight to where they are needed. This is precision work.


The BM 214 is not only fast, but also a real powerhouse. The forklift can easily lift its own weight of two tons to a maximum lifting height of 2.85 meters. Therefore, it can easily transport the system components weighing between 700 and 800 kilograms the last few meters over tarmac and uneven gravel paths to the substation. Featuring permanent all-wheel drive and practical articulated steering, the BM 214 is put to the test, but is far from reaching its maximum load capacity.


The decisive advantage of its sophisticated remote-control system was clear during the unloading process. “The remote control for the BM 214 is really perfect for the tasks we handle because it offers me several perspectives. Does the load look ok, and where are the forks? It is easy to check everything around the forklift,” explains Bronsilav Felix, from Energo Partners. He adds: “The special design and low overall height of the forklift make it possible to use the BM 214 even in places such as underground car parks.” After a few hours, the PALFINGER truck-mounted forklift has completed its mission. Mr. Felix and his team can fully focus on upgrading the substation. Making sure that the lights still go on in Tirschenreuth.

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