Goodyear Releases New Advanced Tyres Range for Loaders

As one of the leading tyre and mobility partners, Goodyear, has released a new advanced range of 3 marked products for loaders. As machinery has progressed, becoming heavier with increased capability and capacity, tyres have had to develop in tandem to ensure efficient operations. This has led to a new 3 marking upgrade to a range of Goodyear tyres for loaders.

18 out of 30 sizes from Goodyear’s RT-4D/5D, RL-4K/5K, RL-3S/5S loader range will be included in this important upgrade program. Tyres with the 3 marking provide a stronger radial carcass with a larger bead section and stronger ply wires.

In turn this leads to up to 18% higher load carrying capacity compared to 2 marked versions supporting potential improved cost-per-hour. The new design aims to reduce downtime in the most extreme conditions as well as meeting the demands of underground mining.

The products also feature Goodyear Hi-Stability Technology which consists of an innovative radial sidewall construction providing greater stability to reduce bucket sway increasing driver confidence in loading operations. The improved stability and control assist in extending the tyre’s life through minimized deflection and higher resistance to impact.

Goodyear will be presenting these new products at the forthcoming virtual Hillhead Show on 30th and 31st March 2021. Alongside these new tyres will also be Goodyear’s industry leading TPMS Heavy Duty which is specially designed to deliver real-time information on the condition of your tyres, enabling to prevent downtime, increase fuel efficiency and driver safety, as well as extend the overall product service life and supporting lower CO2 emissions.

 “Innovation is at the core of everything we do, from the design, manufacturing and delivery of cutting-edge products to help you drive results, day in day out. The advanced new 3 marked tyre construction enables operators to have a higher load capability and higher inflation level which in turn allows them to operate safely whilst completing tough jobs.”

Octavian Velcan, Managing Director OTR, Goodyear EMEA commented.

“Packaging together Goodyear’s new 3 marked tyres with our TPMS Heavy Duty at the virtual Hillhead Show enables us to present an end-to-end offering to operators supporting them to get the most out of their machines whilst keeping safety at the forefront of their operations,”

concluded Octavian.

Emanuele Giovannini
Emanuele Giovannini
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