A Closer Look at COMBI-MR4 Multidirectional Forklift

The Combi-MR4 has been extensively tested in real-life use and has been found to deliver substantial benefits. Warehousing professionals operating, in particular, in narrow working environments can expect to see substantial benefits from having a Combi-MR4 in their fleet.

  • Swift operation: Combilift’s new Dynamic 360° delivered agility and maneuverability across forward, sideward and crab steer mode.
  • Effective narrow aisle capability: Both models (featuring 2,500Kg – 3,000kg and 3,500Kg – 4,500kg respectively) feature a platform height of just 380mm and have been proven to perform in aisles as narrow as 2265mm when guided.
  • Extreme versatility: Through the handling of both palletized goods and long loads indoors and outdoors for the rack-to-truck ability.
  • Excellent driver comfort and safety: High visibility operator cabin, multi-function control joystick, AC-electric power steering and joystick operated hydraulic mast functions all made for a smooth ride and straightforward operation.

    Testing the COMBI-MR4: The Trial

    The performance of the Combi-MR4, and especially its innovative Dynamic 360° steering, was extensively trialed to ensure it would surpass user expectations.

    Test sites were provided thanks to long-term Combilift customer Timber and Building Supplies Holland.

    One of the Netherlands’ leading suppliers of timber products and building materials, with 104 outlets across the country, TABS has been operating Combi-MR4 trucks across the Netherlands with excellent results.

    Users found the innovative Dynamic 360° steering, a novel steering concept enabling operators to manipulate the truck’s positioning and orientation without the need to stop and change driving mode, to deliver outstanding vehicle agility benefits. Intuitive and easy-to-operate, Dynamic 360° steering is used by simply twisting the control joystick right or left to adjust the wheel positions simultaneously, providing crab steering and allowing direction change on the go.

    The company’s latest delivery of trucks will work at its distribution centers in Zaandam and Bleiswijk.

    Source: Combi Lift

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