Two New Crane Models By Fassi To Be Launched In Autumn 2022

The new TECHNO range of Fassi cranes is full of innovation. Following the recent presentation of the Fassi F1750R-HXP TECHNO, the second model in the series, the third will be presented in the autumn, and will take the place of the current Fassi F1650RAL xhe-dynamic.

The launch in March of the Fassi F1750-HXP TECHNO saw the widening of the new TECHNO range following the presentation of the Fassi F1450R-HXP TECHNO, the first model to represent a true revolution in the world of knuckle-boom cranes, rendering these machines leaders in their lifting class. This autumn, during the Bauma trade fair, will see the presentation of a third model that will take the place of the current F1650RAL xhe-dynamic.

There are many innovations presented in the new TECHNO range, beginning with the X-Design decagonal section of the boom arms, which allows for better distribution of forces between the guide and the chassis beam, permitting a reduction in the thickness of the latter and therefore in weight. This section design also improves load capacity, in particular in vertical configuration, gaining a 57% increase in performance over the traditional hexagonal arm design. As a consequence, performance with the hydraulic extension is also improved, both in standard configuration and with the JDP (Jib Dual Drive) system active.

Another innovation is the new FX990 electronic control system to which a series of significant hardware and firmware innovations are connected; a new control unit, the new FX901 touchscreen display, the new IoC TECHNO system for remote support, new limiter firmware and the dynamic controller, a new FSC/ Techno stability system and new FassiLim software.

The TECHNO crane configuration also includes:

  • Dual hydraulic circuit with D900 digital distributors, dual heat exchangers and dual oil tank.
  • Hydraulically extendible extra stabilisers as standard.
  • Automatic XP device.
  • FX990 electronic moment limiter and touchscreen display on the base.
  • Carbon-look housing protecting the hydraulic and electric systems, the motor-reducer, the column sides and the main arm.
  • IMC-ADC system for dynamic control.
  • Proportional distributor for stabiliser command.
  • Electric regenerative oil valve to maximise hydraulic boom speed.
  • Single IE742 power supply junction box to facilitate electrical connections during fitting.
  • XF system for the block valves, guaranteeing maximum operation speed and precise movement.
  • Dual pressure transducer on the main ram rendering the electronic moment limiter more precise and responsive.
  • Dual bearing rotation system with two gear motors to guarantee the utmost safety and rotation power.
  • Two CAN-BUS lines dedicated to sensors, commands and vehicle connection to better serve recent innovations, from FX-Link to the DBF (Drive by Fassi) function for the remote operation of the truck via the V7 crane radio controller. In addition, two Ethernet lines further extend connectivity and processing power, another first.
  • Dual heat exchangers and dual tank.
  • Fitting of the guides for the extension booms to reduce vertical and lateral play, guaranteeing improved durability and allowing the lateral guides to be adjusted. Furthermore, the material used for the guides allows for reduced friction and therefore less greasing.
  • Two oil tanks in cross-linked polyethylene, particularly resistant to impact and to the corrosive action of all external elements.
  • Extra-extension hydraulic stabilisers with articulated stabiliser plate and feet in Monocast. Conduits inside the stabiliser supports. Commands with independent distributor for controlling stabilisers via radio. Optional hydraulic stabiliser rotation.
  • The components on the base are fully covered in order to provide increased protection and rationalisation of the systems.

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