Premiere At The Repair: Zeppelin Gives a Second Life to Construction Machines

Zeppelin Service is known for assisting the customer in every situation. The range of repair services has been steadily expanded over the years. In the meantime, a special repair is almost part of the daily business: Zeppelin Service has already given the machines a second life with the rebuild program for more than 200 machines. What is possible here and how a machine can be given another life, has been proved by Zeppelin only recently at bauma using the example of a Cat wheel loader 982M at the booth in hall B6.

From left to right: Jens Mewes, Head of Sales at Zeppelin, Lars Käselau, Zeppelin Niederlas-sungsleiter, Lukas Krischer, Zeppelin Servicemitarbeiter, Oliver Novy, Zeppelin Servicemitar, Sebastian Fälchle, Zeppelin Serviceberater, Timm Fründt, Zeppelin Serviceleiter, Olaf Gievers and Olaf Rauscher, Koops employees, Tino Gäbert, Koops Managing Director of the Zarrentin gravel plant, and Bernd Meyer, Koops Operations Manager.


RTH J.Koops GmbH & Co.KG in the East also made of such a rebuild. But the Koops Group went one step further, they ordered the rebuild of their Cat crawler D6N, built in 2006, from the Zeppelin branch in Hamburg. The chain dozer was thus ready for its third machine life made – a premiere that has never existed before at Zeppelin.

“For customers, such repairs are becoming increasingly attractive, not only due to disrupted supply chains, but are often a real alternative. During a rebuild, the Cat construction machine, which has proven itself for years at the customer, is restored to a new condition. The topic of conserving resources is on everyone’s lips and the rebuild is an excellent example of this. Customers like the Koops Group now as they know the benefits of extending the life of their machines in this way”

reports Zeppelin Service Manager Timm Fründt, with pride.

Those who professionally repair construction machinery also give older equipment a chance for a further machine life, consume less raw materials and energy, generate less emissions and – an extremely pleasant accompanying effect – usually also saves money.              Tino Gä-bert, Managing Director of the Zarrentin gravel plant, which is part of the Koops Group, comments:

“It is a strong thing when you consider how to conserve resources in this way. “

It is the first time for the Zeppelin Service that a customer has a construction machine reconditioned after a rebuild. It shows that the refurbishment carried out in 2016 has proven successfully.

Rare sight: three Cat caterpillars, such as the models D5H, D6N and D5 (from left to right), in one go.


Timm Fründt points out:

“We have worked closely with the experts in our specialist departments to clarify which components can withstand a third machine life, because not everything can be replaced. The crawler was predestined for a third machine life. Over time, the structure of the metal can become soft and brittle due to the load. But here the condition was in order, which was a prerequisite for a further rebuild. Components such as the final drives, the gearbox and the engine can be overhauled very well.”

The expertise of colleagues from other branches was also available to the service employees in Hamburg. Zeppelin’s own engine and transmission specialization in Frankenthal was involved in this project. This allowed the engine to be thoroughly tested on the test bench after the basic overhaul. What still belonged to the tasks of the service employees: The driver’s cab was prepared and partially painted and all switches and panels were renewed.

In addition, all headlights were converted to LED and further product improvements were adopted. The fire protection components between the engine and the cabin no longer met the requirements, so these were also replaced. The air conditioning was also updated. The driver’s seat was cleaned and adjustments according to customer requirements were also carried out: The cab was originally painted in yellow. But they decided on the black paint – in connection with a new Cat D5 dozer. Already during the first rebuild it turned out that the drive ships are a neuralgic point, which must withstand the highest load. This is why they were overhauled during the first repair six years ago. In this area, the preliminary test showed signs of wear in the form of tears, which were professionally sealed.

The dozer starts its third machine life.

“The work was carried out according to strict criteria, specified by Caterpillar. But as the example shows, customer-specific wishes can also be incorporated.”

says Timm Fründt.

A comprehensive warranty on power train and hydraulics as well as a long-term maintenance contract form the basis for many more years of use. Coop driver Olaf Rauscher is now pleased that he can once again fully use his dozer for recultivation measures.

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