Topcon Presents its Technological Solutions at Samoter 2023

From 3 to 7 May in Verona, Topcon will be present in three locations with products for four thematic areas: earthmoving, paving, building construction, and site surveying.

Topcon Positioning Italy is making a three-fold presence at SaMoTer. At the construction machinery industry tradeshow scheduled in Verona from May 3 to 7, the leading company in precision measurement solutions and workflows for the construction and geospatial markets, will be present at Hall 10 stand B3 and in two outdoor locations: in Area F at stand 64 with a branded truck equipped with machine control systems, and in the Digital Jobsite area with live demonstrations.

Topcon’s significant presence will showcase technological solutions in four thematic areas: earthmoving, paving, building construction, and site surveying, with machine control solutions for compact and full-size construction machinery, machine control systems for road milling machines and pavers, as well as hardware and software solutions for site surveying, digital layout and construction verification.

“During the five days of the SaMoTer

– explains Massimiliano Toppi, Marketing Communications Manager of Topcon Positioning Italy

we will present several technological innovations to support operators and companies in the construction industries with solutions that move towards the digitization of the construction site, to ensure greater productivity, cost reduction, and workers safety. The presence in several areas aims to show our solutions through live demonstrations by our specialists. We expect several meetings with national and international industry players to illustrate the innovations.”

In the demonstrations in the Digital Jobsite area, Topcon is present with a road scanner, an intelligent compaction system, machine control for compact machines, and digital layout solutions.

Topcon equipment used in the Digital Construction area:

Road scanning with a road scanner

Scanning of the existing road surface with the Topcon RD-M1 road scanner installed on a pick-up truck traveling at normal cruising speeds.

The RD-M1 scanner is one of the key components of the Topcon SmoothRide system, an innovative process for road resurfacing that includes scanning, design, milling, paving, and compaction, a complete workflow that significantly increases accuracy, improves operator safety, and optimizes material management. The rapid dynamic scanning accurately produces a georeferenced 3D point cloud model of the road surface’s current state; this is the fundamental working basis for the subsequent phase of road resurfacing design.

Intelligent compaction

Compaction with the Topcon C-53 system installed on an Ammann roller. The C-53 system goes beyond the simple step-counting function. Thanks to Sitelink 3D service, which allows for bidirectional interconnection between the office and construction machinery in the field, each compactor not only reduces job execution time by up to 30% but also becomes part of the project.

The system also includes a temperature sensor and an accelerometer sensor, making the C-53 fully compliant with the definition of “intelligent compaction,” ensuring that each operator can not only see their own passes but also those made by other machines.

Machine Control for Compact Machines

Site surveying and machine control with the Topcon MC-Mobile system: a perfect combination of surveying and machine control technologies to increase efficiency and reduce the need for personnel in small to medium-sized construction sites. The MC-Mobile LPS system for compact machines allows operators to work on 3D projects and surfaces even in conditions where GNSS signal is lacking. Ideal for combining site knowledge and earthmoving, it allows a single person involved to have control of a construction site, enable redesigning and not least, the execution of earthmoving.

To meet the requirements of an LPS (Local Positioning System), MC-Mobile uses the LN-150, not a traditional total station, but a self-leveling 3D positioning system, extremely easy to use, specifically designed for site surveying and control of compact construction machines.

Digital Layout and Construction Verification

Digital Layout jobs and 3D scanning are executed in one solution with the Topcon GTL-1200, a tool that combines the power of a robotic total station with a high-performance laser scanner. GTL-1200 workflows allow for the prompt acquisition of as-built 3D data, enabling construction verification directly on site, almost in real-time, allowing for the correction of errors before they turn into costly problems.

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