New Cat MH3250 and MH3260 Material Handlers Deliver High Performance in Demanding Applications

New Cat MH3250 and MH3260 handlers deliver high performance in demanding applications DEERFIELD (SR). When a material handler’s undercarriage encounters a sharp-edged surface and it has little distance to cover, a tracked undercarriage may be a better choice than wheels. A better choice for the undercarriage instead of wheels. Designed for this Cat’s new MH3250 and MH3260 with their mechanical, adjustable undercarriages.

The track width can be retracted to 3.2 metres to reduce transport costs.
costs. In working mode, the track width can be extended to 3.7 metres for high stability
and lifting capacity. But these are not the only changes brought about by the generation change as the Cat MH3250 and MH3260 replace their reliable predecessors, the Cat 330DMH and 345CMH. The two models offer longer maintenance intervals and improved fuel efficiency for up to 20 per cent reduction in operating costs by up to 20 per cent. The all-new cab design improves operator comfort during the shift for increased productivity.
The three different performance modes – Power, Smart and Eco – on the new Duo the necessary fine-tuning of the power requirements for the handling task at hand. As a result, the new MH3250 and MH3260 consume less fuel than their predecessors – without sacrificing machine performance.

When operating in Smart Mode the engine and hydraulic power are automatically adjusted to the working conditions, to save fuel. In Power mode, on the other hand, maximum power is available. The new engines meet emission level V and can also run on B20 biodiesel, HVO or GTL fuel. As well as HVO or GTL fuels. For increased efficiency of the
The new priority control system automatically optimises hydraulic pressure and flow to increase the efficiency of the transhipment machine. The electro-hydraulic pilot control – typical of all new-generation Cat excavators – ensures the best possible balance of hydraulic pressure and flow. Generation excavators – provides the best possible balance between power, efficiency and load control. Automatic warm-up reduces the time needed to warm up the hydraulic oil at low temperatures and extends the life of system components.

Customers can choose from a range of Cat implements in different sizes, to suit the material handling and production requirements at the job site. Both MH3250-MH3260 material handlers can be factory-fitted with a 25 kW generator. Equipped to operate a magnet, making them even more versatile. Both the MH3250 and the MH3260 provide maximum handling ranges of 16 and 18 metres respectively. This means great flexibility for operation. With sound deadening for interior noise reduction and viscous bearings to reduce vibration, the all-new next-generation cab improves usability, comfort and productivity.

All controls are conveniently located and easy to reach to eliminate unnecessary movement. The left console tilts upwards, making it easier to get in and out of the cab. To maintain maximum operator comfort throughout the shift under different temperatures, the premium air suspension seat has heating and ventilation. A large, high-resolution ten-inch touchscreen monitor makes it easy to navigate through the intuitive operator controls. Thanks to the new Driver ID function allows each driver to store and recall their preferred joystick and power mode settings. Narrower pillars and large windows in the driver’s cab and a flat bonnet provide good all-round visibility for the driver and thus significantly more safety.

Thanks to the camera transmission on the large touchscreen monitor, standard reversing and side cameras enhance the view of the working area. The cab design incorporates robust, impact-resistant laminated safety glass to P5A standard, and in addition drivers are protected by the standard stone chip protection system. The new cab collision protection assists the operator by preventing the implement from colliding with the cab. An upper level maintenance platform with anti-slip perforated plate stairs provides easy, safe and quick access to machine maintenance points. In the event of a hydraulic failure, the operator’s cab can be safely lowered via one of the cab’s two emergency lowering valves. Located inside the cab as well as on the outside of the machine.

Pipe rupture safety valves fitted as standard on boom, stick and claw cylinders effectively prevent the equipment from lowering in the event of a defect. Synchronised service intervals and longer filter change intervals reduce maintenance time and costs for the new Cat material handlers. All fuel filters have a coordinated replacement interval of one thousand hours. The new air intake filter with cyclone pre-cleaner also lasts that long. C yclone pre-cleaner. A new hydraulic oil filter offers better filtration and, with the and, with the extended replacement intervals of 3,000 operating hours, has a 50 percent longer service life 50 percent longer service life compared to old filters. New non-return valves keep the hydraulic oil clean during filter clean when the filter is changed and ensure a long service life for the system.

Drivers of the new material handlers can conveniently track the service life of the filters and maintenance intervals of the machine via the high-resolution monitor in the driver’s cab. Of the machine via the high-resolution monitor in the driver’s cab. The radiator fan has an automatic reversing function that cleans the radiators and maximises machine uptime. New remote maintenance features potentially reduce trips to the job site. Remote software updates conveniently ensure that the machine is always running the latest version of the on-board software. As this takes into account the machine’s scheduling, high performance is achieved with minimal downtime.

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