Sany Launches Its First Medium-Sized Electric Excavator in Europe

Sany has launched its SY215E excavator in Europe, marking the company’s first medium-sized electric excavator marketed outside China. The machine was officially launched through an event hosted in the Netherlands, with Sany’s local partner DNL Machine & Equipment.

(Image source: SANY)

The event saw the participation of over ten component suppliers including Leica Germany and about 250 customers, attracting journalists from industry associations such as POUW.

Sany chose to hold the event in the Netherlands as the first stop in Europe since the country boasts a pioneering market for electric products.

With a gross car weight of 232,000kg, the SY215E owns a maximum digging height of 9600mm and a maximum digging depth of 6255mm and is available with 600mm,700mm,800mm, and 900mm tracks. Tailored for the European market, this pure electric machine boasts cost-saving, convenient operation, excellent performance, and high safety.

(Image source: SANY)
  • Cost-saving: with a rated battery capacity of 422 kWh, SY215E has a comprehensive battery life of 5 to 7 hours. Compared to the traditional excavator, the machine can save a cost of 21.56 thousand euros per year.
  • Performance: the C12 brand-new cab with a low level of noise provides a comfortable working environment, and the high-power double gun fast charge enables a full charge in 70 minutes. Particularly worth mentioning is that the machine remains stable when working in sites above 4,000 meters above sea level, including tunnels and small mines.
  • Convenient operation: the large HD touchscreen, intelligent fault self-diagnosis, and operating system online upgrading enable a convenient operation.
  • High safety: multi-level high-voltage safety design ensures safe operation.

Source: SANY Global

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