Hyundai Unveils Its Largest Loader and Two 80 and 100-Tonne Excavators at Hillhead

At Hillhead, HD Hyundai has launched the HX800A L and HX1000A L excavator models and its largest wheel loader, the HL985A. Being Hyundai’s largest Stage V crawler excavators, the 80-tonne and 100-tonne machines have been designed to operate in mines and quarries, as well as in bulk earthmoving for construction and infrastructure project applications. The HL985A has an operating weight of around 35,350kg, depending on specification, and is suitable for a wide range of tasks in quarrying, recycling and rehandling applications.

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HX800A L and HX1000A L

Both excavators are powered by Perkins diesel engines, delivering class-leading power and economy. The HX800A L uses the six-cylinder Perkins 2506J, providing 400kW (539hp) at 1,800rev/min and 2,468Nm of torque at 1,400rev/min. The larger HX1000A L is powered by the Perkins 2806J, offering 460kW (629hp) at 2,000rev/min and 2,952Nm at 1,300rev/min.

An electronic hydraulic power control system minimizes fuel consumption while increasing digging efficiency. It utilizes nine sensors across the machine to calculate the required flow and pump output, delivering maximum efficiency. The HX800A L has two variable displacement tandem axial piston pumps, each delivering 504 litres/min of flow, while the larger HX1000A L has three pumps producing 523 litres/min each. A closed-centre main control valve ensures that there is minimal hydraulic flow in the stand-by position, reducing fuel use. In both machines, the pumps have a cross-sensing system to reduce fuel use and to ensure that dig-end hydraulics operate independently.

The excavators have four operating modes and four power modes, working in combination with Variable-Speed Control and Pump-Torque Control, allowing the operator to select specific engine and hydraulic system outputs to suit the task at hand. They come with a boom-priority mode and a swing-priority mode, that increase breakout power or slewing speed to suit the operation.

The HX800A L is suitable for 4.25-5.24m3 buckets and the larger 100-tonne machine will be able to work with 5.4-6.8m3 buckets. The two machines are offered with a choice of short mass excavation and longer mono booms, and with the option of two dipper arm lengths. To ease assembly on site, the counterweight is mounted horizontally and a hydraulically-removable counterweight is available as an option.

The HX800A L and HX1000A L have a state-of-the-art operator cab, offering level 2 FOPS protection when equipped with a FOPS guard. The cab is suspended on vibration damping mounts, to absorb more shocks than a simple block system. The operator has a high-quality heated seat with air suspension and the two machines come with HD Hyundai’s All-Around View Monitoring (AVM) camera system, providing the operator with a 360° view around the working area.

An 8-in touchscreen monitor with a rotary controller provides easy access to control menus within the screen, including power settings, mode operation and auxiliary hydraulic settings. The system also connects to Bluetooth to allow control of smartphones and other devices. The excavators are equipped with low-effort joystick controls, providing fingertip operation and precise control over all functions. Proportional thumb switches can be mounted horizontally or vertically, to suit the operator’s preference.

“These heavyweight excavators will build on HD Hyundai’s presence at the heavier end of the market across Europe, providing a highly productive digging and loading solution for mines, quarries, bulk earthmoving contractors and heavy civil engineering sites.”

said product manager Gert Peeters.

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The HL985A builds on the success of smaller A-Series machines, adopting the same robust, durable design, with proven driveline components and an exceptional operating environment. The machine is powered by the latest Cummins X12 diesel engine. This six-cylinder EU Stage V compliant motor delivers 321kW (430hp) of power at 2,100rev/min and a strong 2,300Nm of torque, from just 1,400rev/min. That is 10% more power and 20% higher torque than previous non-Performance Series engines, despite lower fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

The loader benefits from an Eco gauge within the cab that monitors fuel consumption in real time. This allows the operator to see fuel use, engine torque, average efficiency and total fuel consumed, enabling more efficient operation of the machine in varying conditions. A Smart Power mode further reduces fuel use, by adjusting the engine speed while loading the bucket. This reduces consumption while balancing traction, for improved productivity.

(Image source: Hillhead)

Driving through a five-speed transmission with lock-up clutch, the machine can achieve maximum travel speeds of up to 40km/h, making it suitable for load and carry or longer haul rehandling duties. The transmission is also equipped with Intelligent Clutch Cut Off (ICCO), which minimizes power loss in the torque converter and prevents excessive power during braking. The loader has a hydraulically-locking differential in the front axle, to ensure maximum traction when digging and loading.

Built to work with a 6.5m3 or 7.0m3 bucket, with or without teeth and cutting edges, the HL985A’s Z-bar linkage parallel lift arms provide a dump clearance at a maximum height of up to 3,360mm. Bucket breakout force is up to 28,400kg and the machine has a full turn tipping load of up to 24,950kg when equipped with the heavier counterweight. The HL985A has an operating weight of around 35,350kg, depending on specification.

The HD Hyundai A-Series loader cab is around 10% larger than on previous models, providing the operator with a comfortable, quiet working environment. The ROPS/FOPS cab has a fully adjustable, air-suspended, heated seat, with an adjustable armrest allowing the operator to find the perfect driving position. A 7-in colour touchscreen is easy to understand, providing all important information at a glance.

Operators benefit from a Bluetooth audio system with a hands-free function, allowing call answering and music choice to be made while working. In addition, the HL985A has a full colour, integrated rear-view camera, visible through the main monitor. The machine is offered with HD Hyundai’s market-leading All Around Vision Monitor (AAVM) system, which employs multiple cameras to provide a 360° view around the working area.

“The HL985A sets a new performance and productivity standard for HD Hyundai in the heavy wheel loader sector. Suitable for a wide range of tasks, in quarrying, recycling and rehandling applications, the HL985A offers more power for less fuel used, delivering a total cost of ownership benefit for customers.”

said product manager Stefan Schwill.

(Image source: HD Hyundai Construction Equipment)

Source: Hillhead

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