Steyr Konzept wins MUSE Design Award 2020 in the category Conceptual Design


Steyr Traktoren awarded in the Category Conceptual Design for its Steyr Konzept, a comprehensive project study on what the next tractor generation could be.

Steyr Konzept. Source: Steyr

Out of 3820 submissions from 50 countries, the STEYR Konzept has been awarded the prestigious Platinum Award for the 2020 MUSE Design Awards competition. The winning piece was created by the CNH Industrial Design and STEYR Traktoren team together with Innovation teams from Agriculture & FPT Industrial.

The MUSE Creative and MUSE Design Awards are global competitions, which seek to commemorate the exemplary creative and design professionals of various industries. Kenjo Ong, CEO of both competitions, said:

“These individuals truly embody the spirit of innovation. It is a privilege to award the people behind the Steyr Konzept for their monumental work! It is always a humbling experience to witness what these creatives are capable of.”

The Designers have created a vision for the future. Designed from the ground up where every element has a function, yet the forms are stylish. From the innovative quad arm suspension structure, through to the body. The surfaces are technical yet fluid. The styling gives a feeling of quality and precision while being dynamic. Key historic design elements have been re-interpreted in a conceptual way; the external white cab structure to the asymmetric grill. On the inside a minimalist design is complemented by projected information on transparent screens allowing maximum visibility, which is creating a cabin where the operator can enjoy work without fatigue. A customer centric design that adds value to increase productivity.

The Steyr Konzept is laying the foundations of the next tractor generation

The Steyr Konzept is a comprehensive project study on what the future of tractor production could be in collaboration with CNH Industrial sister powertrain brand FPT Industrial. Steyr engineers have developed the Steyr Konzept, combining innovative technologies in a unique way to create an environmentally friendly, yet efficient and, above all, functional tractor concept.

At the heart of the study lies a modular hybrid electric drive, comprising a combustion engine, a generator, and several electric motors, which can be controlled individually, and which then supply energy where it is needed. This concept tractor, designed by CNH Industrial’s Design Center makes use of a high-performance, 4-cylinder diesel engine. The selection of these components creates a compact vehicle design and allows an optimum overview of the vehicle. The cleverly designed vehicle architecture enables smart solutions such as 4WD or an advanced suspension concept. This will provide customers with a wide range of benefits in future, including enhanced ride comfort, additional flexibility and options, and unparalleled performance in the fields and on the roads.

The Steyr Konzept features innovative architecture developed by FPT Industrial Innovation team, with a serial hybrid approach whereby the diesel engine, a compact 4.5-liter 4-cylinder unit, instead of the 6-cylinder traditionally installed on such a tractor range, works at optimal speed as an energy generator, charging batteries. The engine is disconnected from the wheels, and traction is provided by four independent electric motors directly installed in the wheel hubs. The Steyr Konzept is equipped with a NEF45 engine, which delivers 150 kW peak power, while 250 kW peak power in hybrid boosting mode is guaranteed. The concept vehicle can reach 10% fuel saving compared with pure Diesel on some specific tractor missions.

Source: CNH Industrial

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