[Job Story] 200 DAF CF trucks soon in the Dutch and Belgian branches of Renewi

The leading waste-to-product company Renewi recently received delivery of the first vehicles in a series of 200 DAF trucks for use in the Benelux region. DAF also supplied Renewi with 250 trucks eighteen months ago.

Waste recycler Renewi has again ordered 200 trucks from DAF. The vehicles will be put into operation in the Benelux. Source: Daf

The Daf order will be delivered to Renewi’s Dutch and Belgian branches. It consists of 200 DAF CF trucks which includes 193 rigid trucks equipped with various superstructures and 7 CF tractors. About the trucks, the majority of the chassis are equipped with a rear loader and compactor system, but the order also includes rigid trucks fitted with a skip loader or hook-lift system or a crane directly behind the cabin for emptying underground containers. The latter truck is equipped with the new 10-ton front axle, which offers extra loading capacity. The tractors, instead, will operate in the Benelux with tipper trailers and walking floor trailers for the transport of waste.

Renewi, as an international waste recycler, is dedicated to further reducing the environmental impact of its activities by upgrading its fleet.  Meinderdjan Botman, Managing Director Renewi Commercial Waste in the Netherlands:

“As a company we believe it is very important to minimise the size our own ‘ecological footprint’.”

Long-standing partnership

In addition to the low Total Cost of Ownership, innovative new technologies and their long-standing partnership, Renewi opted for DAF because of the flexibility of the chassis configurations.

Renewi and DAF have been in close relationship for many years now and still today they work together in perfect synergy and collaboration.
While DAF relies on the services of Renewi for the sustainable sorting of its waste materials, the 2,400-strong fleet at the waste-to-product firm consists primarily of trucks made by DAF.

DAF’s trucks have the ambition to emit as few emissions as possible.

Source: Daf