China: XCGM’s heavy trucks perform at the II International Customers Festival online

On the occasion “The 2nd XCMG International Customers Festival (Online)”, and coincide with Valentine’s Day, XCMG shows affection to its customers all over the world through a real “online love confession”

Source: XCGM

Although the Covid-19 has bent the global business and raised the distance, this hasn’t stopped XCMG from delivering its message of love to its loyal customers.

On May 20, the day dedicated to lovers according to the Chinese calendar, XCMG, leading construction machinery manufacturer in China, launched the first global online live broadcast in the industry to show large-scale operation construction to global costomers through a real “online love confession” to friends and customers all over the world. It’s the first time when a leading company in the industry introduced China’s construction machinery products to the world.

Because of Covid-19, the first show of “The 2nd XCMG International Customers Festival (Online)” for Southeast Asia was conducted online and broadcast in various media platforms. Hundrend of thousands of foreign friends followed the camera and walked into the production factory in XCMG to observe the modern production process.
The Festival opened with dancers and exhibitions of local performers. During the cerimony of the live show, Xu DOnghai, Vice Mayor of Xuzhou, spoke highly of XCMG:

“Xuzhou is the capital of China’s construction machinery enterprise in the world and China’s largest construction machinery manufacturer. This online live show of sales and marketing of XCMG is creative for the industry and It’s also a realistic choice to overcome the impact of the pandemic.”

The Vice Mayor of Xuzhou, Xu DOnghai, during his speach. Source XCGM

Wang Min, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG, said that the event coinceded with release of the latest global ranking in the industry. On May 18, UK KHL Group, the world’s most authoritative information provider for construction machinery, released the 2020 top 50 list of global construction machinery manufactured (2020 Yellow Table). XCMG rises to the fourth from sixth, countinuing to leas Chinese enterprises in the industry.

Wang Min, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG, during his speach. Source: XCMG

In the first quarter of this year, the exports of XCMG also outshined the rest of the industry, growing by more than 20% against the trend.
This big live event is a proof of technical strength, productive capacity but also further enchances the confidence of global customers and friends to fight against the pandemic and overcome it.

The machinery performing in the China’s largest professional construction machinery test ground. Source: XCMG

During the live broadcast, XCMG heavy machinery performed together in a test field: excavators, loaders, road machinery and heavy trucks cooperated and worked together to simulate the joint construction scenes in a certain region of Southeast Asia, proving their high adaptability and joint construction capability.

Couples in front of machinery . Source: XCMG

To celebrate the occasion (as we said, the 20th of May is the Valentine’s Day in China), in the field, a dozen of couples confessed their love and proposed, suggesting a romantic atmosphere to the XCMG equipment and honoring the “online love confession”.

Liu Jiansen, vice president of XCMG Construction Machinery and General Manager of XCMG Imports and Exports, come to the show as an online salesman. He introduced and demonstreted products in English and talked about cases, technology and frindship.

Liu Jiansen presented as online sales assistant. Source: XCGM

Over 600.00 people at home and abroad watched and participated in the show within two hours through the online live broadcast platform and multiple platforms such as XCMG’s official accounts on Vzan, TikTok and Kuasishou. Articles and live show were uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Linekdin and YouTube at the same time, achieving more than 4 million hits and watches.

Source: XCGM

The day after, by noon on 21 May, more than 400 units of constuction machinery products had been sold, with an amount axceeding 150 million yuan.

It’s said that after his show, XCMG will also launch other series of live broadcast shows for Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other regions one by one.

Source: XCMG

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