Sennebogen, mobile E-series equipped with interchangeable accessories

The mobile demolition machine from Sennebogen with quick-change system installed on the grab stick combines the best of both worlds: It impresses with the qualities of a material handler designed and thoroughly proven to withstand continuous use in scrap yards, namely efficiency, endurance and reach.

In order to perform its work in the best possible way a machine must be “modular” in a flexible way, i.e. the accessories must be interchangeable, as the intervals between demolition and sorting activities may vary from hour to hour, depending on the storage capacity on the construction site. Important criteria in the search for the right machine for the job are whether the machine and hydraulic system have the necessary power for the operation, the smallest possible rear radius, and the selection of the required attachments. Demolition machines must perform their work reliably: demolition, crushing, transport and loading. The use of many machines with different applications on the construction site is not always possible because often, especially in the city, there is not enough space left.

Sennebogen’s 825 Mobile E-Series fulfils all of these factors.

Sennebogen material handlers are specially designed to deal with demanding material handling. They stand out for their high performance, reliability and high levels of safety. With equipment lengths of up to 40 m, numerous attachments and quick change systems, the machines are very versatile (orange peel grab, clamshell grab, magnet system, scrap shears, vacuum crossbeam). Source: Sennebogen

All task on the demolition site combined in one solution

Sennebogen’s mobile demolition solutions in machine sizes 817 to 825 offer a wide range of possible uses: from selective dismantling, i.e. the targeted deconstruction and subsequent sorting of building components, the crushing of components with concrete pulverizers and demolition shears to the loading of demolition waste into trucks or storage containers. In the case of the 825 E-Series, this is particularly easy to achieve in practice thanks to a fully hydraulic quick-change unit at the end of the grab stick, allowing the operator to switch from bucket or shear to sorting grab use in just a few minutes. In addition, the powerful hydraulic circuit guarantees reliable and precise working, including shear applications weighing up to 2.5 t at a reach height of up to 14 m.

Sennebogen Scrap handling 825 E Mobile. Source: Sennebogen

Compact, flexible and easy to transport

A decisive, further advantage,  is that a mobile demolition machine can be moved even more easily and quickly. When used for classic overhead demolition work, the machines also excel with the optional 30° tiltable cab, providing the operator with a better view over his working area. The same applies to truck loading, as the tilting operator’s cab can also be raised smoothly. At a comfortable viewing height of 5.7 m, operators can look into the insides of a truck all the more easily and thus distribute the load more safely.

The manoeuvrable driving machines can change places without complications and proceed immediately to the next task, whatever the needs of the construction site. When purchasing demolition equipment, in addition to versatility on the construction site, attention must be paid to how they can be handled in daily use. Especially costly heavy-duty transports can have a strong impact in the long run: a figure that should be kept as low as possible. Sennebogen has therefore developed special transport kinematics for the 825 E-Series demolition, whereby the machine is transported in its entirety without removing the stick or counterweight. Thanks to it being a mobile version, the machine is ready to start in just a couple of minutes as soon as it has been driven off the low loader.

At a comfortable viewing height of 5.7 m, operators can look into the insides of a truck all the more easily and thus distribute the load more safely. Source: Sennebogen

Safety and efficiency

Thanks to a wide range of different technologies, all of which are represented by the term “Green Efficiency“, diesel-powered Sennebogen machines operate with particularly low emissions, low wear and tear and save energy. With a glance inside the machine, operating costs can be reduced significantly, e.g. thanks to the built-in hydraulic pump that pumps the oil through large-scale valves and hoses, according to the lifting or demolition task to be carried out. The entire hydraulic circuit is thus relieved by means of a lower system pressure, which results in a proven reduction in wear on pressure-sensitive components. Energy-intensive auxiliary consumers such as the fan are also thermostatically controlled in Sennebogen diesel machines and are therefore only activated when required. EcoMode, automatic idle and automatic stop reduce diesel consumption to a minimum, when handled optimally by up to 25%: These intelligent, ex-works installed engine speed control systems help demolition professionals to reduce operating costs sustainably – without the need for separate operator training.

Source: Sennebogen