[Job Story] R.G. Smith relies on the new TMS700E truck-mounted crane by Grove

  • R.G. Smith needed a crane with great mobility that would not require additional trucks or operators on the job site. The TMS700E truck-mounted crane was a perfect fit.

  • The Canton, Ohio-based industrial contractor is a long-standing Grove customer, as the company counts trustworthiness as an important principle for success.

In the photo the TMS700E, which brings maximum performance to the job site. Standard front and rear air-ride suspension provide a comfortable highway ride.

Immediately after receiving its new Grove TMS700E truck-mounted crane in October 2019, industrial contractor R.G. Smith put it to work. After being part of several projects over the last six months, the crane is now erecting a 300,000 ft2 structural steel building that will house a large cheese production facility in Hiram, Ohio. The TMS700E was a perfect fit for the job site because of its high mobility and easy setup.

“For that job we needed a very mobile crane that could easily move back and forth,” said Geoff Nicely, R.G. Smith’s owner.

“The TMS700E is quick and easy to dismantle and move. And there was no need for additional trucks or operators, which was a great advantage.”

The Canton, Ohio-based industrial contractor has been deploying the TMS700E at various job sites throughout the north of the state, often battling muddy conditions, as the region has experienced higher-than-average precipitation levels. It has always shown great performance even in unfavorable weather, according to Nicely.

The family-owned company R.G. Smith, got 4 Grove crane: the new TMS700E, the RT650, and the RT700, and a GMK3050.

The new TMS700E is the fourth Grove crane to join the R.G. Smith fleet, which also has RT650 and RT700 rough-terrains and a GMK3050 all-terrain crane. Founded in 1916, the family-owned company counts trustworthiness as an important principle for success.

“Grove is a fantastic brand in which we trust. It’s the only brand we buy,” Nicely said.

“Our Grove cranes work all the time; our return on investment has been huge! We tried a different manufacturer three years ago and what a mistake that was.”

R.G. Smith has purchased its Grove cranes with the support of local dealer Cleveland Crane and Shovel Sales, located in Bedford Heights, Ohio.

The four-section full power MEGAFORM boom is designed for maximum vertical and lateral strength, and the crane comes standard with a 33-56 foot folding lattice swingaway extension.

“The TMS700E is a very versatile crane. It can travel down the highway while carrying the heavy-lift counterweight package and is a one-person operation,”

said Andrew Forepaugh, vice president of sales, Cleveland Crane and Shovel Sales. “It’s great to have loyal customers such as R.G. Smith, who really value working with a trustworthy brand like Grove and stick to it. They know we are there for them 24/7.”

Chiara De Paoli
Chiara De Paoli
Editor at HeavyQuip Magazine and International Operations Manager for V22 Media