Liebherr R 956 and 938 crawler excavator upgrade fleet in Luxembourg

  • Generation 8 supersedes a Liebherr R 954 C after 16,000 operating hours

  • New R 956: For work in earthmoving and truck loading

  • More than 40 Liebherr earthmoving machines in operation with Luxembourg’s largest public construction work company

After 11 years and 16,000 hours of loyal service, the R 954 crawler excavator purchased in 2008 has been superseded by the latest model: The R 956 excavator. Source: Liebherr

They had no doubts about the quality and efficiency of the machine. This is why the company Félix Giorgetti decided to rely once again on Liebherr’s services.

After 11 years of hard work testing the strength of the R 954 crawler excavator purchased in 2008, they did not hesitate to buy the latest model, the R 956 excavator, to retire the old one.

After 11 years and 16,000 hours of loyal service, the R 954 crawler excavator purchased in 2008 has been superseded by the latest model: The R 956. Source: Liebherr

The crawler excavator has an operating weight of around 56 tonnes and features a spacious, air-conditioned cab. Its pneumatic seat has vertical and longitudinal spring suspension. The high-resolution 7″ colour touchscreen is especially easy to operate. The machine also impresses with a completely lowering windscreen and innovative LED lighting as standard. The low noise emissions, both inside and outside the cab, are another major benefit for the driver and for personnel working close to the machine.

The stage V diesel engine has an output of 240 kW (326 hp), making the R 956 extremely powerful, fast and flexible. The crawler excavator boasts high excavation and breakout forces whilst also being smooth and precise in operation. The mechanical connection between the swivel mechanism and the slew ring gives the excavator an especially high swing torque and a high swivel rate, which greatly improves work cycles.

The new Generation 8 Liebherr R 938 completes the framework

The new R 938 crawler excavator replaces the previous R 946. Its completely updated design is characteristic of the new range of “generation 8” machines. And in order to provide even greater comfort, better ergonomics and more enhanced performance, the architecture of the R 938 has also been completely revamped. Source: Liebherr

The company was also searching for a completely new machine to deliver excellent performance. The obvious choice was the R 938, also from the new Liebherr Generation 8 range. Compared to the previous generation, the excavation forces and tractive forces of the undercarriage and the swing torque of the uppercarriage have been significantly increased. In addition the load curve and inertia of the swivel drive have been optimised to reduce fuel consumption.

Like the R 956, the comfort of the cab is what the operator especially appreciates. The low fuel consumption of the R 938, thanks to the stage V Liebherr 4-cylinder in-line engine, also guarantees maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness in operation.

Félix Giorgetti stresses that the added value of the Leica GPS guidance system for high-precision earthmoving with a clear and easy-to-operate user interface.

The excavation and tractive forces of the R 938 undercarriage and the swing torque of the uppercarriage have been significantly increased compared to the previous generation. Source: Liebherr

Liebherr in the service of Giorgetti

The Félix Giorgetti family business was founded in Luxembourg in 1937 and is currently managed by the third generation. It has a workforce of 1700 employees and operates in particular in civil engineering and in public construction work. In 1994, the company purchased its first Liebherr wheeled excavator, the A 902 Litronic. As time progressed, the partnership developed. Liebherr excavators continue to make up the lion’s share of the company fleet. The smaller units, the R 956 and the R 938, guarantee maximum comfort for the operator coupled with high performance and efficiency. Félix Giorgetti Sàrl has placed its trust in the quality and speed of Liebherr customer services and its local dealer Comat for more than 25 years. The companies are also linked by common roots and values that are shared by family businesses. Félix Giorgetti Sàrl operates around 40 Liebherr machines, of which 11 are crawler excavators, including an R 974 C, an R 976 and two R 956s.

Technical data – R 956 Crawler excavator

Operating weight 112,435 – 126,325 lb
Engine output (ISO 9249) 240 kW / 326 HP
Engine output (SAE J1349) 240 kW / 322 HP
Emission stage IV
Backhoe bucket capacity 1.63 – 4.32 yd³
Shovel capacity 3.27 – 4.05 yd³


Technical data – R 938 Crawler Excavator

Operating weight 37,200 – 39,050 kg
Engine output (ISO 9249) 220 kW / 299 PS
Engine output (SAE J1349) 220 kW / 295 PS
Emission stage Tier 4f
Backhoe bucket capacity 1.90 – 3.00 m³