All About the New Tractors Launched by Antonio Carraro at EIMA 2020/21

1) Tigre 3800: supercompact at the top

The concept of this new model comes from the evolution of the Tigre 3200 (for years at the top of all registration ranking in the segment of the Isodiametrics), enriched with technical solutions which increase the professional standard of a super-compact tractor, designed for routines activities in small allotments, parks, gardens, greenhouses or simply for maintenance works.

The new Tigre 3800 is an all-rounder designed to carry out a myriad of activities involved in the management of small allotments, vegetable plots, greenhouses, parks and gardens. It comes with a 26 HP 3-cylinder Yanmar water-cooling engine that is in compliance with the latest Stage V emission legislation. It is fitted with a “structured” engine which is defined by excellent and generous torque thanks to its increase in its displacement which makes the engine energetic and high-performing even with low rpms. Despite its compactness, it offers a very spacious and comfortable drive space thanks to its ample drive platform, which is a unique feature in this tractor segment.

TIGRE 3800

2) The new Tora series

The Tora Series is fruit of the studies carried out by the AC technicians on the design of medium power professional tractors, characterised by an important hydraulic, mechanical and comfort upgrade. The conviction is that all agricultural tasks must take into consideration fuel consumption and running costs by always using the “right” tractor with the “right” power for the task in order to obtain maximum efficiency with minimum waste of energy and working time.

The new Tora generation of medium power tractors (52/66 hp) with Stage V is composed of multifunctional models which can be fitted with complex, high technology equipment such as inter-row machines, pruners and hydraulic equipment for specialized crops. By increasing the hydraulic capacity and connections and by working on the adjustable continual hydraulic flow it was possible to arrive at maximum control of the equipment. The six models of the Tora series offer different configurations: steering or articulated ACTIO chassis; reversible or monodirectional guide; load sensing hydraulic plant with up to 5 double effect distributors; joystick and front powerlift, as ancillary device with adjustable arms and quick release couplings. The easy access to the drive position (devoid of levers on the central tunnel) lays on the drive platform, suspended on silent-blocks, limiting vibrations and protecting the operator from the transmission underneath. The cluster is fitted with a colour display, where all data is visualized. The optional Redcab has 4 uprights, is soundproofed and has an air-conditioning system. It offers light and visibility in both directions. The working LED headlights guarantee optimal illumination not just of the equipment but also of all the space around the tractor. It is compact yet comfortable; it has a streamlined profile and a conical shape, useful for the tractor’s disengagement from narrow rows even on lateral slopes.

The Tora Series is fruit of the studies carried out by the AC technicians on the design of medium power professional tractors, characterised by an important hydraulic, mechanical and comfort upgrade.

3) Infinity series

The future of agriculture: invest yo grow
Recent studies show that investment in agriculture proves to be the real driving force behind the growth and development of agricultural companies, thus increasing productivity and the quality of the products, in the name of sustainability. The most innovative techniques in the latest generation of precision agriculture and agriculture 4.0 require the renewal of the tractor fleet with tractor and equipment up to the challenge. The latest generation tractors not only reduce the negative impact on the environment, thanks to the new Stage V engines which dramatically cut down CO2 emissions, but also contribute to fuel savings. In addition, precision agriculture, especially if organic, results in lower consumption of pesticides, fertilisers and water.

The Infinity Series represents the tangible response of Antonio Carraro to future agricultural challenges. A range of super-professional reversible tractors with a hydrostatic transmission. It comes in 3 versions, all available with cab, offering high operational comfort, unique compact design, all destined for crops on steep slopes where minimal size is necessary.

All models come with the same 75 HP 4-cylinders Kohler engine: TR with steering chassis, SR with articulated chassis and TTR with “wide” steering chassis and low centre of gravity, destined for crops on steep slopes.

The Infinity transmission, common denominator of the whole range, allows the tractor to work in both drive directions with the same speeds (each with 3 hydraulic ranges) from 0-15 and from 0-40 km/h, which can be engaged manually or with an automatic gearbox without losing traction. The forward motion pedal assists braking on slopes by stopping the vehicle on release without having to use the brakes. The Cruise Control (or Tempomat), Limit RPM, Intellifix, Drive Mode, Fast Revers and the Uniflex suspension allow the operator to always find the right setting in accordance with the type of activity being executed. With the Infinity the clutch is practically only used to start the tractor off and is a safety device in case the tractor must be stopped immediately. The inverter on the electrohydraulic steering wheel is amazingly practical for forward and backward movements, often carried out repeatedly, without jerking. The brakes are almost never used either, because the accelerator pedal, as well as controlling forward movement, allows for the deceleration and stopping of the tractor: the only accelerator pedal governs the whole transmission.

The TR 7600 Infinity

4) R, the revolutionary series

At Eima 20/21 the flagship of the “R” series has been exposed as a whole. With the last versions, the new R Series is going up to seven models, all denoted 10900 (TRX, TRG, TGF, TTR, SRX, Mach 4 e Mach 2), each one with a different configuration: steering, articulated, with a low centre of gravity and wide track. All the models are fitted with RGS, reversible drive on a rotating control tower apart from the TGF, the only monodirectional model.

The “R” models are all equipped with a 4-cylinder Common Rail Kubota engine with electronic running system and 98 HP. The CANbus technology allows the instant connection of the different control units (control panels) using a very small number of connections, giving in this way the possibility to use the engine’s electronic management by simply pushing the dedicated buttons on the dashboard (work memories and acceleration curves included). Thanks to a slightly longer wheelbase, in comparison with the models of the previous generations, the tractor’s weights are perfectly subdivided. The damping system dampens the oscillations of the rear lifter and gives maximum comfort during the transfer with a carried equipment. The tractors from the R Series, can be fitted with Air pressurized cab, save for the Tgf which is equipped with the super-low profile Protector 100 cab – h 1740 mm – super technological and comfortable, which, offers operative well-being, space and ergonomic controls despite its compact nature necessary to move in and out in narrow places. The pressurized version, having Category 4 certification, guarantees maximum protection end isolation of the operator from harmful inhalation of dust, gas, and fumes, a priority while working with pesticides. The transmission with 32 speeds (16 + 16), with the optional E-drive, Overspeed, HI-LO devices, is equipped with standard synchronized inverter, which can be engaged while in movement, and with integral traction with electronic re-engagement control.

The standard Cruise Control (Tempomat) device with double memory of the engine revolutions, useful for maintaining revolutions while working or for changing between different and programmed revolutions whilst in action such as carrying out manoeuvres at the edge of the field.

The Multicontroller Joystick, ergonomic and practical, provides the proportional control of the double effect hydraulic outlets, the powerlift and floater, the electric control and activation of the continual flow.
La PTO has two speeds 540/540E (the synchronized and independent in addition) and, on request, it cancome with an engine regime of 540S and 1000, diversified in order to optimize the work carried out by all equipment. The patented UNIFLEX suspension(opt.) with coaxial cylinders allows the equipment to follow and adapt instantaneously to the exact contours of the land, maintaining constant ground pressure and benefiting the speed and accuracy of the task at hand. The reduction of specific pressure to the ground of the equipment produces greater comfort, less ground compaction, less resistance when pulling or pushing equipment along and lower fuel consumption.


5) Concept Tony

The series of AC tractors known as Tony came from the development of a project aimed at guaranteeing the best possible ratio between performance and fuel consumption, regardless of the activity being carried out, with tractors capable of simplifying and speeding up field activities with the goal of lowering operative costs. It is made up of 5 models with a mechanical-hydrostatic hybrid transmission amongst which the TTR 10900 Tony, an isodiametric with wide track, and the Tony 8900, the first AC tractor with a conventional chassis, are the latest to have been developed.

The Tony transmission has operative systems that allow for the automatic management of a number of activities in accordance with the type of terrain, equipment being used and the drive style of the operator. It offers automatic functions run on the ITAC operative system, such as Cruise Control (or Tempomat) and the Tractor Management Control (TMC), which help the driver’s operations offering the possibility to set different parameters for any type of work. The speed is independent of engine revolutions and so both can be programmed separately. Speed range varies between just 100 m/h to 40 Km/h.

5/A > Tony 10900 TTR: for alpine haying

The new, wide track, 98 hp model with the Tony hydrostatic transmission was designed to operate safely inpotentially dangerous situations for a tractor, when fitted with a traditional mechanical gearbox. It takesafter its “cousin” the TTR 10900 from the Series R with its mechanical transmission. It is isodiametric, reversible with an ACTIO full chassis with oscillation and a low centre of gravity, a set-up that guarantees stability when working on steep slopes, ideal for alpine haying. The new thing about this tractor is its hybrid mechanical-hydrostatic Tony transmission, run electronically by the Tractor Management Control (TMC) System, made up of a hydrostatic unit which activates the mechanical unit with 4 robotic ranges, that can be engaged while loaded, without the clutch, selectable when the tractor is stationary or in movement. The model can be fitted with a hydraulic top link and left-hand rod along with Uniflex suspension (standard) that allows for greater ground grip, thus reducing the weight of the equipment discharged to the ground and thereby increasing the tractor’s stability.

It is available with closed cabin, large and comfortable, with standard air-conditioning system. The access is easy from both doors. The large windows provide 360° all round visibility. The internal finishing comes also with 2 USB plugs, a 3 pole and unipolar 12 V outlet, radio, LED working headlights. As standard it comes with the multifunction Joystick. Also new, is the passenger seat next to the driver’s seat, homologated for road transfer.

5/B > Tony 8900 V: candidate for tractor of the year 2021

Candidate for the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2021 award, it sets itself apart for it special, innovative features. AC, world leader in compact isodiametrics, proposes its first tractor with a conventional frame designed to further increase its vast offer to its customers in order to provide each one of them with a “Made to Measure” tractor.

The Tony V Kubota (74.3 hp – Turbo Common Rail – Stage V – 4 cylinders – 16 valves) comes with a Tony transmission designed to ease the agricultural operator’s. Developed specifically for very narrow-rowed vineyards, it offers versatility, precision of use and practicality. The hydrostatic transmission marries top performance with simplicity of use. The load sensing pumps and the circuits with the unloading system reduce energy absorption when the tractor’s hydraulic system is not in use. The tractor’s volume is
extremely contained thanks to the compact transmission that provides a width of 98 cm. The drive position is defined by refined elements. It is situated on a spacious platform with isolating systems and is soundproofed to a high degree of comfort. The front axle allows a turning circle up yo 55°, providing maximum precision during manoeuvres. The optional AIR “V” cab has four uprights to provide constant visibility in all directions. It has Cat.4 pressurisation and is ROPS homologated. The automatic air conditioning system is managed from a digital display on the console. The rear roadside headlights are LED and integral with the roof; their raised position provides maximum visibility over the equipment in use. The rear mirrors can be electrically adjusted. The steering wheel can be adjusted by height and angle with assisted return in order to help the operator getting on and off the tractor.

The Tony 8900 V

Top performance and hydraulic system

These are the peculiar and distinctive features of Tony 8900 V.
• Capacity of the hydraulic tank dedicated to the distributors is 35 litres
• 9 double effect independent electronic distributors (4 rear and 5 lateral)
• 2 ZP (Zero-Pressure) exhausts: one rear and one ventral
• Hydraulic capacity up to 137 l/min (with extra flow)
Load sensing pump that is activated only when in use
• Rear “adaptive” powerlift that also allows voluntary movement on more Cartesian points
• Multifunction console and joystick as standard for the management of the double effect
distributors and the transmission, built with CAN-bus technology
• Colour, touch display screens for the running of all the tractor’s functions and the personalization
of the joystick controls.

6) Holomaintenance: remote technical assistance

The EIMA will be the occasion for Antonio Carraro spa to launch new digital initiatives for the after-sales. With the aim to promote and sustain remote diagnostics and repairing by the AC official workshops, the first device to be presented will be the interactive HoloMaintenance glasses, which combine effective with virtual reality.

HoloMaintenance, the new AC service for 7 days out of 7 assistance, is possible by connecting via bluetooth the interactive glasses to a tablet or smartphone. The device uses a platform connected to “intelligent” glasses fitted with HoloLens (special interactive lenses), to carry out assistance remotely in all authorized AC workshops around the world. With this new instrumentation, in addition to removing any distance, it is possible to reduce the need for transport vehicles and therefore fuel consumption and subsequent emissions, thus saving resources in terms of costs and time. Another advantage of great importance is the satisfaction that the operators interfacing with the Hololens assistance operations feel, as they are catapulted into an incredible but authentic reality with everything convenient, clear and immediate. With the HoloLens, under the careful expertise of the experts in the AC After Sales Service, the AC dealers around the world can carry out even complicated interventions with maximum competency in a very short time.

In photo the interactive HoloMaintenance glasses, which combine effective with virtual reality.

Source: Antonio Carraro

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