Palfinger presents the New TEC-range Loader Crane Models

    More than an optical aspect

    The visible feature – the so-called P-profile – a polygonal shaped boom extension system – is implemented in the entire technology range and turns it into an extraordinary innovation in the loader crane sector. The design is especially rigid and lightweight for the most impressive performance. Furthermore, the Palfinger P-profile boom extension system is also low in maintenance, which significantly increases availability.

    Optional features

    The TEC-range consists of two different model lines. The model line TEC 5 features the well known TEC steel construction with P-profile and the majority of system options that can be expected from the TEC-range. The model line TEC 7 offers a lot more than just its familiar and highly innovative steel construction – it is the high-end model line of Palfinger. In addition, to get maximum lifting power, the full range of assistance and comfort systems is available to choose from.

    Full lifting power

    The Dual Power Systems – DPS-Plus for TEC 5 and DPS-C for TEC 7 – help to use the maximum lifting power also in fly jib mode for enhanced crane performance. The really special thing about DPS-C is that it continuously maximizes the lifting power in every position because the system knows exactly where the boom tip is due to the sophisticated sensors and electronics.

    The crane as a scale

    A further interesting function of the TEC 7 model line is the feature WEIGH. It allows particularly quick and easy to weigh loads at the site of deployment without any additional tool. The crane operator weighs the load directly on the crane and knows exactly where it can be lifted. There is almost no need to move the truck and this saves a lot of time. Moreover, it is possible, to sum up, weights and to have a look at the ten latest weighing operations, including date and time.

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