Kohler Examine in Deep Its Stage V Engine

The hallmark of the KDI 3404TCR SCR is its high torque density, which makes it possible to guarantee performance typical of engines with larger displacement. If you observe the data attentively, in the US-T4F version the maximum torque is 500 Nm, while in the EU-Stage V version it is 650 Nm. The big advantage of the KDI 3404TCR SCR is therefore to be able to provide outstanding performance with much more compact dimensions compared to higher displacement engines.

In photo the KDI 3404TCR SCR. Source: Kohler

In addition, as for all the engines of the KDI family in Stage V version, the management of the exhaust gas after-treatment system is extremely effective and intelligent, as it is characterized by very long average regeneration intervals and by the ability to regenerate the DPF, mainly in passive mode and in any case without any impact on engine performance or the driveability of the machine.

The extreme effectiveness of the after-treatment systems of KDI engines is also due to the fundamental idea on which this platform was developed; i.e. engines designed to have high performance features with extremely efficient combustion, which makes it possible to fully comply with the limits of the strictest emissions regulations.

The exhaust gas after-treatment system of the EU-Stage V versions is housed in a single compact and easy to install module, with flexibility guaranteed by the possibility to customize the layout according to the installation on the machine.

The performance in the EU-Stage V version is even higher, to the point that the KDI 3404TCR SCR engine can reach 112 kW already at 1800 rpm, thus allowing it to work at low rpm with significant advantages in terms of noise and consumption.

The KDI 3404TCR-SCR not only offers advantages in terms of performance, size and emissions. It also stands out for its architecture, such as the side power take-offs that flank the main and secondary power take-offs and are designed make the KDI 3404 the ideal solution for manufacturers who want the maximum installation flexibility. Another unique feature of the KDI 3404TCR SCR are the counter-rotating shafts contained in the bedplate architecture, which provide excellent reduction of vibrations, thus guaranteeing operator comfort and the silent operation of the engine.

Thanks to its characteristics, the KDI 3404TCR SCR engine is suitable for any type of off-road application, offering the maximum flexibility of installation and superior performance.

About Kohler Engines

Kohler began manufacturing engines more than 90 years ago and has continually enhanced its product lineup in an effort to help make life easier and more profitable for end users around the globe. Today, the company offers a full array of diesel, gasoline and gaseous-fueled engines – up to 140 hp. – which are supplied to equipment manufacturers worldwide in the construction, agricultural, industrial and lawn and garden markets.

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Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Kohler, Wis. Kohler Co. is one of America’s oldest and largest privately held companies. With more than 50 manufacturing locations worldwide, Kohler is a global leader in the manufacture of engines and power systems; kitchen and bath products; and owner/operator of two of the world’s finest five-star hospitality and golf resort destinations in Kohler and St Andrews, Scotland.

Source: Kohler

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