Wielton Introduces Telematics Solutions to Its Trailers

    Wielton is successively working on developing its product offer and introducing new, modern solutions. Listening to the voices coming from the market and observing the dominant trends in the industry, the manufacturer from Wieluń introduces telematics solutions to its trailers.

    Courtesy of: Wielton Group

    Wielton is based on proven solutions available on the market. For this reason, he established cooperation with three manufacturers of telematics devices. This is another step towards adding “intelligent trailers” to the portfolio of the Polish manufacturer.

    Reducing fuel consumption, reducing vehicle operating costs, optimizing drivers’ working time, and improving the deliveries of transport companies are the effects of the introduction of telematics monitoring systems, which are increasingly used also in the case of trailers. The purpose of telematics systems in transport is to store and analyze the data generated during each stage of the transport of goods. It is an important source of information for owners of transport and forwarding companies. Additionally, the implementation of telematics solutions increases the safety of drivers and the loads they transport.
    In response to voices coming from the market, dominant trends in the industry, and customer needs, Wielton introduces telematics solutions to its trailers. This is the next stage of the works of the manufacturer from Wieluń in the field of research and development to introduce new solutions for the optimization of transport and logistics.

    “In the Research and Development Department, we are constantly working on introducing innovative solutions to our products. We also implement proven solutions that are used in our trailers. Modern transport, forwarding and logistics companies are more and more willing to use telematic monitoring systems. Our goal is to provide customers with reliable telematics solutions that will be a source of valuable information, including such as vehicle position, axle load and brake condition. By monitoring and analyzing these data, our customers can optimize fuel consumption and reduce vehicle operating costs. At the same time, we are working on more advanced telematics solutions that will be used in our trailers. “

    Says Maciej Kaczor, R&D Director of Wielton SA.

    The introduction of telematics monitoring systems in Wielton brand products was possible thanks to the cooperation with three partners: Wabco Transics, BPW Idem and Webfleet Solutions. These producers provide devices enabling the collection of selected information, a professional database system and easy integration with customer systems. After the telematics system is mounted on the trailer, the devices collect information about the vehicle position (GPS), technical data from the braking system (EBS), information about the axle load and tire pressure (if TPMS is used at the same time). The system also provides professional software necessary to store, process, and dispose of larger amounts of data, facilitating fleet management.

    “Responding to the needs of customers and trends in the transport industry, we make it possible to equip our trailers with a telematics system. Thanks to the cooperation with experienced partners and producers of telematics devices, our clients will obtain a proven tool to improve the efficiency of daily work, which will translate into concrete savings and business benefits. Our vehicles equipped with telematics solutions will allow for more effective fleet management and reduction of operating costs. We plan to develop in this area by offering new services and solutions in the field of telematics. “

    Says Andrzej Mowczan, Member of the Management Board, Commercial Director of Wielton SA.

    Curtain trailers from Wielton and Viberti with telematics solutions are available in the offer from 2020. These products are mainly dedicated to customers from the Polish and Italian markets. This is another step towards adding “intelligent trailers” to the portfolio of the Wielton Group.

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