[Job Story] Fassi Crane Lifts a Cosford RAF Museum Aircraft

    The company Loosemores Transport uses a Fassi 820RA xhe-dynamic crane for a delicate lifting operation at Raf Cosford, Shropshire

    The Shropshire-based company Loosemores Transport had the enviable job of lifting and transporting this stunning aircraft last week. The Boulton Paul P-108 Balliol T2 WN149 was rebuilt from the remains of the original cockpit section and had just completed its restoration at Raf Cosford by the Boulton Paul Heritage team. Following its restoration, it was lifted by Loosemores using their Fassi F820RA.2.26 xhe-dynamic crane.

    Courtesy of: Fassi

    The company then transported it down to Newquay via Police escort where it will soon be on display at the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre. A family-run business, Loosemores prides itself on ‘moving the weird and wonderful no matter what the size and shape’. The F820RA is perfect for lifting particularly delicate loads such as this aircraft with its combination of a lifting capacity of 3,655 kg at 16.15 m and ‘mm’ precise control of movement from the Rcs Scanreco remote control.

    Source: Fassi