Xcmg Telehandler Shipped in Batch in Europe

    With the sustained and rapid economic growth, large-scale port transportation and the prevailing agricultural production mode, the demand for telescopic boom forklifts is booming, especially in high-end markets in Europe and North America.

    Courtesy of: Xcmg

    The “bottleneck” of key core technology has become a common problem faced by the major port machinery manufacturers.

    Xcmg is developing core technologies, such as fork self-leveling system, telescopic boom forklift LMI system, and self-locking multi-mode steering system.

    Relying on the deep R&D foundation of boom products and solid process support capacity, Xcmg has won many large orders among the world’s top port machinery manufacturers.

    Courtesy of: Xcmg

    With strong off-road performance, flexible steering mode, accurate control system, safe and reliable compound operation and control system and combination mode of multiple accessories, the forklifts are suitable for ports, freight yards and various agricultural and industrial application scenarios.

    As high-end multi-functional wealth creation products, the telescopic boom forklifts delivered this time have been widely recognized by customers since their release in the Bauma.

    Courtesy of: Xcmg

    With the quality improvement and lean service of the whole value chain, Xcmg tries to meet customers’ value needs. By digging deep into two main strategies of “technological innovation” and “internationalization“, the company continues to strengthen independent innovation and make steady progress toward high-end products and markets.

    Source: Xcmg